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Another way to safe the planet perhaps

  Cymro. 11:27 19 Nov 2019

BBC link

I suppose it will take a long time for something like this to get in to general use but it seems a good idea to me unless you know differently.

  Al94 12:50 19 Nov 2019

Wonder if you can apply it to your butt?

  canarieslover 18:40 19 Nov 2019

Al94 - The older you get the more necessary that becomes. It's either that or a bidet.

  Belatucadrus 22:22 19 Nov 2019

Maybe we need to add Teflon as a dietary supplement ? Instead of a low friction coating on the bog, especially one that needs refreshing every fifty flushes perhaps they should focus on non stick poop ?

  Aitchbee 13:26 20 Nov 2019

I use a little recycled water from wash-hand basin drawn up into a child's water-soaker toy followed by some carefully aims at all target areas in bowl ... no need for anything too fancy ;o)

  Flat Earther 03:11 21 Nov 2019

Maybe a toilet brush could also 'safe' the planet, it definitely involves fewer chemicals.

  huster12 14:43 28 Nov 2019

Saving a planet is a good idea, but it's a really strange was for me to do it.

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