Another unsolicited telephone caller

  johndrew 20:13 18 Jul 2011

but this one is not very nice at all!!

The number that came up on the 'phone was 08450 044237.

We had the call around 7:30pm today and my wife answered. The line was a bit poor - very crackly. The caller was phishing for any information he could get but wanted to provide nothing. Needless to say the call was cut off very quickly.

I Googled the number and found many hits on it (08450044237) the link is was quite typical.

My suggestion is that if you see this number on your handset/'phone cut the call as soon as possible.

  johndrew 20:14 18 Jul 2011

Missed a key. Should be ".. is/was ..".

  lotvic 22:37 18 Jul 2011

I guess that's why they are called nuisance calls. Are you registered with TPS? that does eventually cut down on the cold calls.

  n47. 23:08 18 Jul 2011

We have caller ID and do not answer calls from any 0800 or 0845 numbers. They are usually computer dialed numbers that hang up after a few rings.

  Colonel Graham 23:20 18 Jul 2011

I have caller ID and a phone with barring facility. Even British Gas gave up after a while.

  johndrew 09:41 19 Jul 2011

For TPS to work the caller also needs to be registered with them I believe. I doubt if this particular crowd would bother with the niceties.

  interzone55 09:53 19 Jul 2011

Every company in the UK has to comply with the rules laid down by Ofcom, this means that they a) have to release CLI data on all outgoing sales calls so that Caller ID picks up a number, this does not need to be the number the call was originated from, it could be a customer service or reception number, b) they should cease calling any numbers from people who have explicitly told them to stop calling, and c) they should not deliberately call anyone who is listed on the TPS database

The Ofcom rules only cover calls originating within the UK, but they do have some teeth if the calls are coming from within the EU. Calls from the rest of the world are not covered by the rules.

I have an answering machine that is happy to take calls from withheld or international numbers, and any numbers I don't want to answer. It's surprising how few callers leave messages...not...

  HondaMan 14:19 19 Jul 2011


I have been registered with TPS for over 3 years and still get calls. When I complain all they say is that I will have to listen to the whole call, get the caller's number / company name and then report that specific call to TPS.

The reason for registering with TPS was to STOP those calls, NOT do TPS' job for them. If I was paying for that "service" I would be demanding my money back!

Rant over. Thanks for listening!

  interzone55 19:16 19 Jul 2011


TPS can only act against a company if they know who they are, as yet they've not got the crystal ball working.

Companies will always try it on, and can do so with impunity if people don't report offenders to the authorities...

  VCR97 19:50 19 Jul 2011

From the TPS confirmation letter: "Your TPS registration will not stop calls from companies involved in market research and other activities not related to selling. To stop these calls, you will have to advise each company individually when they contact you that you do not wish to be contacted by them by telephone in future."

I think that the TPS list applies only to members of the Direct Marketing Association, but I'm open to correction on that point.

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