Another UK bank is feeling the squeeze.

  TopCat® 18:25 19 Aug 2008

This time it's my own bank, Alliance and Leicester, which is subject to a possible take over by Santander, if A&L shareholders agree by next month. click here

Santander already own the Abbey Bank and a struggling A&L will be merged under it's protective wing when and if the takeover takes place. It remains to be seen just how many job losses this merger will bring, but I rather think they could be fairly considerable in the current climate of the banking world. TC.

  gardener 18:52 19 Aug 2008

I sometimes wonder if there will be anything left in this country that is actually owned by a British company.

  lofty29 20:20 19 Aug 2008

I would have thought this had to be refferred to the monopolies commision, but nothing has been mentioned, just changed to A&L six months ago, looks like I could be moving again, watchdog reported that after the abbey takeover a lot of customers could not get their money out via atm's, certainly A&L customers will not benefit from the takeover. There was a report that after the abbey takeover a lot of people had their mortagage renewals refused, and the same was likely to happen with A&L

  oresome 20:18 20 Aug 2008

"I would have thought this had to be refferred to the monopolies commision............"

It could easily have turned out like the Northern Rock debacle where the taxpayer is funding the risk. The government will be more than happy that the market has come up with a solution.

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