Another TV question.

  gengiscant 09:10 24 Nov 2010

For some reason program makers seem to feel that they need to give us,the viewer,a two/three minute preview of what the following program will contain.
It seems mainly to occur in documentaries but I have seen it in other programs.

I am puzzled as to the reasoning behind this, mind you these days I seem to be puzzled more often than is healthy.LOL

  morddwyd 09:30 24 Nov 2010

The reason is obvious.

American programmes do it so it must be good.

We'll all do it!

  babybell 09:32 24 Nov 2010

If a programe you have just watched was so so and then you see a preview for next weeks show which looks good, your more likely to tune in and watch it.

The Apprentice does it and it gets me looking forward to the next episode.

  gengiscant 12:47 24 Nov 2010

I do not think you fully understood my thread, I am not talking about a preview of a following weeks program,I was talking about a program which is actually started but the first 2/3 minutes are a snapshot of what the rest of the program contains.

  babybell 12:53 24 Nov 2010

In that case, no, I dont understant why they do that either

  bjh 13:07 24 Nov 2010

I find it so annoying when, at the beginning of the programme they tell you what the programme contains.

Channel 4 even tends to give you a quick synopsis after the advertisement break, in case you've forgotten what you were watching 2 minutes earlier.

Maybe I should just sum this post up again, after the above comment: annoying.

  oresome 13:33 24 Nov 2010

Apparently we have a short attention span which may explain why the makers feel the need to give an executive summary at the start of the programme.

Many of us multitask while watching TV, so there remains competition for the viewers attention despite the channel being selected.


  donki 15:14 24 Nov 2010

I have noticed this in my new Tuesday night program "River Monsters" which I like and enjoy Jeremy Wade but..... there are so much of what gengiscant discribes as well other meaninless filler which is repaeted over and over. I feel instead of this the time could have been used for actual productive filming.

  Bingalau 15:47 24 Nov 2010

It happens a lot in news bulletins too. Furthermore it is usually read in two bits by two readers, what's that all about? Scope for job cuts there me-thinks?

  sunnystaines 16:09 24 Nov 2010

what gets to me is sky news will often show a preview a story coming up shortly so you keep watching for ages and it never appears.

also some of the documentry channels more and more ad breaks appearing, time some at only ten minutes appart

  babybell 16:17 24 Nov 2010

Its far worse in America.

Take an episode of friends for example.

Over here in the UK, the show starts and goes straight into the first scene which lasts about 30 seconds, then, they do the opening credits and theme tune, then the show starts for real. The only break being halfway through the show.

In America. It straight into the show for the opening 30 second scene and then incredibly cuts for adverts! Then the opening credits and then rest of the show.

They even squeeze adverts in before the last scene!

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