Another tory cover up

  cream. 18:30 10 May 2014

top this

Would you ask for a refund?

  carver 18:38 10 May 2014

I have a brother in law who also shall we say uses this sort of enhancement to cover his head and has done so since his mid 20's.

Over the years he has spent on average about 2-3 thousand £s every 18 months, he still can't accept that he would be better off without it.

must admit Michael Fabricant doesn't look too bad.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:28 12 May 2014

Be a slaphead and walk tall, like me.

  wiz-king 16:32 12 May 2014

He should be a Whig (Liberal party) not Tory.

  fourm member 19:07 12 May 2014

I always thought there was something wrong with the laws of physics when it comes to mirrors.

Science says that mirrors give a perfect reflection of the item in front of them but this is not true.

Looked at directly, someone wearing a syrup or 'enhancements' looks like a fool but reflected in a mirror they appear to be suave and handsome.

That's the only explanation I can come up with for people not accepting nature's version of their hair.

  bumpkin 19:49 12 May 2014

MechKB2, I would not have thought that you were in a position to comment having seen a recent photograph of you preferred hairpiece:-))

  fourm member 21:17 12 May 2014

MechKB 2

In the days when I wore ties they were always those ones with pictures or cartoon characters.

If anyone commented I always said I wore them to divert attention from my face.

  fourm member 08:43 13 May 2014

MechKB 2

I said it to a checkout operator once and the woman behind me in the queue said 'My husband wears ties like that!'


  spuds 09:38 13 May 2014

Off subject, but many years ago I knew a sales rep whose area covered Scotland and the Isles. He always wore a very bright tartan blazer with a tie to match. I asked him once, why he wore these, and his reply was very simple.

"Handing business cards out or giving names usually end up being lost - people generally refer to me as that bloke in the bright blazer and tie".

A bit like a neighbour of mine who runs a tyre and exhaust business. He and his business goes under the title of LGB or Little Fat Bloke. He got the title when he first started the business, and it remained ever since, because he is a little fat bloke!.

  spuds 09:40 13 May 2014

Whoops - LGB should have been LFB.

  fourm member 10:00 13 May 2014


For once, I'd say you weren't off topic at all.

Fabricant is, probably, applying exactly the same theory to make sure he gets noticed.

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