Another time waster with a difference

  jimv7 19:27 25 Jan 2008
  Al94 19:34 25 Jan 2008

It's a good idea, pity it doesnt work properly, often crashes and if wrong says out of time!

  jimv7 19:42 25 Jan 2008

works ok with ie7, crashes with firefox, on my puter. here

  MAT ALAN 19:44 25 Jan 2008

How strange works fine with firefox on my PC....

  Legolas 19:54 25 Jan 2008

Very good but only works sometimes, more often than not the boxes are just yellow with no choices to see in them

  Al94 20:14 25 Jan 2008

its good when it works though

  Blackhat 22:54 25 Jan 2008

I tried this little game, I didn't know what I was supposed to do so I just kept clicking on song titles and it kept saying 'correct' It soon got boring so I left it.

I then thought that there were a lot of band and song titles so there might be some music to the game, so I turned my speakers on!

I couldn't get any correct after that.

  BRYNIT 00:52 26 Jan 2008

I usually have a difficult time knowing song tittles from a tune but for some strange reason I remembered most of these songs, and got a top fifty time just just over 25 seconds. It just shows how old I am.

  rodriguez 14:17 26 Jan 2008

14.25 secs for me. Nice. :-D

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