Another poll I can't enter.

  pj123 17:06 10 Aug 2008

"When looking for a new mobile phone, the first thing I consider is:"

There is no option for "Price"?

My mobile phone is exactly that. It makes and receives telephone calls. Nothing else. That is all I ask of a phone.

It cost me £9.99 a very long time ago and is still working.

  User2008 17:12 10 Aug 2008

It'll be more orientated for bill pay phones.... and they're usually all free - so price isn't an issue.

You could have put your response on my thread click here about the curent poll.

  wee eddie 17:35 10 Aug 2008

Size or Weight is the deciding factor. But not necessarily the smallest or the lightest.

My parameters are ~ Will it fit easily into a suitable pocket and be easy to hold in my hand.

Also ~ Are the controls are of sufficient size to be easy to use.

It's ability to do the job are taken as read and any other facilities may, or may not, be useful but are not a deciding feature

  Si_L 18:15 10 Aug 2008

It wouldn't be a poll if there wasn't a thread in Speakers Corner moaning about it!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:08 10 Aug 2008

Ease of use

should have been an option to vote for.

need a clear screen large fonts and icons and a good size set of buttons.
Must be an age thing.


  Armchair 21:08 10 Aug 2008

pj123, I just posted almost the same as you in another thread on here! My mobile phone is the cheapest one I could find (£7.50 for the phone itself + I was obliged to buy £5 of call credit with it). Pay as you go.

I've had it for about three years, and have rejected offers of replacement phones from Orange. I like this one, it's easy to use. It spends most of it's life in my car's glovebox, and while it has come in extremely useful on several occasions, it hasn't seen much use (so it hasn't cost me much, about £40 or so?).

  Clapton is God 20:25 11 Aug 2008

"When looking for a new mobile phone, the first thing I consider is:"

Will it make and receive phone calls?

I'm not interested in "Camera quality", that's why I have a camera strangely enough.

  pavvi 09:26 12 Aug 2008

I remember selling a deal like that a few years ago. Just after Christmas, a little motorola C139. Very basic phone, and was very popular. We had queues out the door for that one....

  wee eddie 20:26 13 Aug 2008


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