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  morddwyd 10:04 25 Jan 2010

According to the latest poll (admittedly from the Daily Mirror) David Cameron is losing yet more support.

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Sad comment on the Tories that they can't find anyone with the appeal and popularity of even John Major!

  ky72 10:45 25 Jan 2010

You know a friend of mine is a councillor for the Tories, I was asked a few weeks ago to apply for a councillors position due to my background, I refused & thanked him however I still received a letter a few weeks later welcoming me to a interview for the position.?? I was a bit angry so I looked on the letter & I found ZERO contactable details.?

So I had to go online to find their Email address & phone number! I called at 17:10 & the phone rang just twice then went "Bleep".?? no welcoming message.? just a bleep.? so I thought ok I'll email them! I sat & typed out a very formal & decent email asking why they still thought I was interested as I had made it clear I wasn't so after 10 or so minute's I clicked on sent! as soon as I had done that I had a new message in my Inbox! I thought Wow a Automated reply nice! but I was very very disappointed to find it was undeliverable! Grrr! I checked the address & it was correct!

I was so deflated with them! damn Tories! I've since found out the phone rings twice when the admin (one person) is not there she works from 10Am-14:00 4 days a week hardly a full time role & hardly available! so apparently when she is not there the phone after two rings goes onto their fax.?? I rest my case!

  birdface 14:30 25 Jan 2010

Personally I would not vote for him.
If he was on the short list as a comedian I would probably vote for him.
But as leader of the Conservatives I would fear the worst.
Probably to late to dump him now so close to an election but I can see them loosing more support in the coming months.

  Forum Editor 17:58 25 Jan 2010

Actually what's sad is the fact that people fall for the way the media portray 'statistics'

According to the article in your link there's a nine percent difference in popularity between Labour and the Conservatives; the Conservatives being in the lead.

If the same figures had reflected a Labour lead the Mirror article would have trumpeted 'Labour surge ahead', or 'Labour are the voters' favourite'.

You've fallen for the ploy, and it's prompted you to come up with "Sad comment on the Tories that they can't find anyone with the appeal and popularity of even John Major!"

You might as well say that it's a sad comment on the Tories that they can't find anyone with the appeal and popularity of even Margaret Thatcher. In the run up to the 1979 election almost all the opinion polls showed that when asked who they wanted to see as their next Prime Minister a majority of the people polled chose Jim Callaghan (Labour). In fact the Conservatives were elected, and Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister.

When you read the tabloids you need to remember that they're not primarily in business to give you the cold, hard facts - there's always another agenda running in the background.

  sunnystaines 18:06 25 Jan 2010

cameron seems to blow with the wind similar to jack straw, talks a good job without any thought or pre planning and often changes direction, torys could be worse imagine if boris johnson was the leader.

may desert them this year to UKIP but not sure yet they all seem so iffy this time around.

  sunnystaines 18:40 25 Jan 2010

he might be but to me comes across very badly on tv.

  brindly 18:43 25 Jan 2010

I think the Tories have lost a lot of support purely because he reneged on his promise of a referendum. It doesn't matter that it wouldn't make any difference now, the people of this country wanted the chance to show these Labour liars that we did want that chance to vote. When I think Labour had the cheek to go on about the Tory sleeze of bungs in brown enevelopes and look at them now, I don't know about brown envelopes more Brown lorries.

  morddwyd 20:25 25 Jan 2010

"When you read the tabloids "

I don't, I'm afraid, or any other format national daily.

Though I linked to the Mirror, as the originator of the poll, the story came from the BBC.

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