Another police officer suspended

  dan11 11:55 15 Apr 2009

after the G20 protests.

It is said that they have their numbers covered up and come from the same task force, according to the BBC. Is it a special squad to go in heavy handed?

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  lofty29 13:54 15 Apr 2009

Bad behaviour by the police is inexcusable, but I find it very baised against them at the moment, a small snippet of incidents like this is blown up by the media, they do not know the whole story, whereas "rent-a-mob" incidents do not seem to get the same coverage. Maybe I am a bit suspicious but it seems to me there is always a camera ready to take this sort of incident, but never anything before or afterwards, from what little I could see she appeared to be deliberatly provoking the officer, perhaps in the hope that this sort of thing would happen and could be caught on film.

  dan11 14:18 15 Apr 2009

look at the utube video at the bottom of the piece.

It runs for 5 minutes and does focus quite a lot on the police officer well before and during the incident.

  interzone55 14:33 15 Apr 2009

A lot of the protestors seem to use You Tube to further their cause in many ways.

It's a popular tactic to film the police whilst a colleague provokes them into action.

You tell me, why is it OK to throw bottles at the police, but not OK for the police to strike back?

  ened 15:32 15 Apr 2009

This is exactly what the protestors want!

It is a pity the police couldn't restrain themselves better because they have 'aided the cause' of the anarchists.

I am no lover of the police and apparently this woman had been abusing them (Certainly verbally)but they needed to draw on their training and keep cool.

There were that many cameras that any policeman who stepped out of line was bound to have been filmed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:22 15 Apr 2009

'it is a pity the police couldn't restrain themselves better because they have 'aided the cause' of the anarchists'...just because someone protests at what they feel is an injustice does not mean that they are an anarchist. I suppose you would just stand in the shadows and keep your mouth shut when you felt an injustice had been done. People who, over the years, have fought for the right to protest, must be delighted at the support from people like you.

'You tell me, why is it OK to throw bottles at the police, but not OK for the police to strike back?'..Ok then, she may ave been swearing at I'm but it was inexcusable for a large man to back slap a woman. After being slapped hard she then swore at him (I suppose you would have kissed him if it had happened to you)and he then whacked her on the legs. He must have been a brave man to hit a defenceless woman twice and I'm sure that his children admire his control of the situation.

Next time I hear someone swearing in the street (especially a woman) I'll hit her in the face with the back of my hand and let's see what happens to me. Plod are meant to uphold the law not to discard it.


  ened 18:30 15 Apr 2009

I'm sure you know as well as I do that the majority of the protestors were looking for a peaceful demonstration.

The people to whom I was referring were the ones who seem to arrive at the periphery of occasions like this and stir things up.

These are the anarchists who thrive on dissent and would be pleased if the country at large turned on the Police.

When an opportunity arises to get a policeman, acting in such a manner, on film they are rubbing their hands with glee.

  canarieslover 19:02 15 Apr 2009

Where most people nowadays carry a camera as part of their phone it makes it so easy to catch events as they happen. Possibly 20 years ago it would have been her word against the policeman's and who would the court believe? With filmed evidence there isn't much doubt left, and with the availability of putting it on-line for the world to see it means that no longer do the police have the advantage their word being deemed infallible. They will just have to restrain people in a more civilised way. Fire hoses seem to be quite effective in other countries.

  Forum Editor 19:31 15 Apr 2009

when Police officers do things that they shouldn't do. There are occasions when doctors do things like that too, and lawyers, and schoolteachers, and maybe even Forum Editors.

Perhaps police officers get frightened when confronted with a howling mob that vastly outnumbers them, and perhaps the adrenalin that surges into their bloodstream occasionally makes them lose control - it happens. They are trained to behave calmly and considerately in such situations, but of course the training can't simulate the real thing. I deplore the use of gratuitous violence whoever is the culprit, and of course no police officer should lash out at a demonstrator just for the sake of it. I don't know that happened in this instance because I wasn't there, and I haven't been provided with the facts, apart from some footage.

I have a brother who is a police officer, and he has been involved in policing many demonstrations that involved violent behaviour. He has witnessed a female officer being struck in the face with a half brick thrown by a masked man from ten feet away, and he knows very well what it means to be very frightened when surrounded by large numbers of angry demonstrators with only a few colleagues for support.

The line between a peaceful demonstration and a deliberately orchestrated attack on the police is crossed fairly often by small but well-organised groups of people whose sole objective is to provoke Police officers and to injure them. Most demonstrators deplore the behaviour of these small groups, and most demonstrators know that the police have an almost impossibly difficult job to do in such circumstances. I don't know the answer - I don't even know if there is one - but I know that without a police presence at these demonstrations there would be a great deal more damage done to both people and property. Those who hate the police just love to see the media having a feeding frenzy when a police officer is suspended, they spend days plotting ways to make it happen.

  MAJ 19:48 15 Apr 2009

There is no reason to hit a woman, how brave that guy must feel now. So what if she was provoking him, arrest her he had the power to, he wasn't under any physical threat. Wonder what his wife/girlfriend said about it?

  laurie53 19:51 15 Apr 2009

"police officers get frightened when confronted with a howling mob that vastly outnumbers them,"

I, like thousands of others in the past, have been frightened when outnumbered by a howling mob that outnumbered both of us.

Plenty of bricks, bottles, rocks and staves coming our way, and we were live armed and I can assure you in fear for our lives.

But you don't react, you stand firm. With the pee running down your legs you stand, and you wait, you wait for that clearly recognizable moment when it's time.

Then and only then do you react, all together, not individuals lashing out.

I am sure there are plenty of others on the forum who could tell a similar tale, and who are heartily disgusted by the undisciplined mob that seems to be policing the streets of London.

My apologies to all those coppers, in and out of London, who continue to do their job the best way they know how.

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