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Another Malaysian Airlines 777 lost

  Al94 16:59 17 Jul 2014

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A terrible tragedy and unbelievable that Malaysian Airlines involved again.

Why are passenger aircraft flying over what is effectively a war zone with several military aircraft shot down recently?

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  john bunyan 12:09 20 Jul 2014

innocent lives are being lost every day in some part of the globe, yet nobody really cares

Yes, in Gaza more than 400 have been killed in the last couple of days by the Israelis, mostly civilians. I know they have been provoked by Hamas but in turn the have continued to illegally occupy Palestinian land.

  spuds 12:42 20 Jul 2014

john bunyan

While I agree with your sentiments, there are a number of factors that need looking into on the Israeli situation. I would point out at this stage, that I have friends in Israel and other 'Arab' states, having lived and worked in those areas. So perhaps I can see a number of different viewpoints on that situation?.

I found that most people from those countries wanted peace, and were quite willing to work in harmony with each other, and that included people who had lost limbs and could equate to the wars in the region. And it can be even better if you are taken to an area, where a conflict actually took place, and first hand accounts are given by those actually involved. I have even witnessed an high ranking Israeli reservist officer being hugged by an arab vender in Jerusalem, because they had fought each other and had forgotten their possible 'hatreds' brought on by their governments, and both were now friends.

Perhaps if we take a step further back, I recall a cousin of mine actually 'policing' the 'Jews' into the area they are now settled in, while he was in the British navy, and following orders from a British government.The first hand accounts of what happened, doesn't always appear in records or history books, but they remain with those that were involved at the time.

History is a very strange issue, and all we can do is look back at the history books, and hope that some of the events never happen again. But alas my own view and opinion is that will never happen, in my lifetime and perhaps far beyond. And those totally innocent will still have to bear what life puts before them?.

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