Another mad gunslingin' shooting in the USA

  Quickbeam 08:14 03 Dec 2015

I hear...

God bless America.

  Forum Editor 08:33 03 Dec 2015

From the BBC website:

**"Police have identified Syed Rizwan Farook, a 28-year-old US-born male, and Tashfeen Malik, a 27-year-old woman, as the two dead suspects. The FBI said it was not ruling out the possibility of terrorism but the situation was still being investigated."**

Reading the full account, I didn't get the feeling it was a terrorist-related incident, but you never know.

  spuds 10:35 03 Dec 2015

"The Inland Regional Center, where the shooting took place, provides services for people with developmental disabilities, but the shooting appeared to be unrelated to its clients."

Would seem to suggest that there was other motives for this attack.

  Belatucadrus 12:53 03 Dec 2015

It looks as if Farook was an employee at the centre and was mainly targeting his fellow workers after a dispute. I wonder how the NRA will justify the use of military grade assault weapons as a negotiating tool in the workplace. No doubt they will spout the usual

"More guns we need more guns to ensure our safety "

line, presumably along with star wars storm-trooper stylee kevlar workwear,

  john bunyan 12:55 03 Dec 2015

This type of event is so regularly encountered in the USA, it has (however hard this sounds) become routine. We have debated this before, but I suspect the NRA answer would be that "people with developmental disabilities" should be armed to protect themselves, as they have done for schoolteachers. This will go on, and on, I am afraid.

  Forum Editor 13:11 03 Dec 2015

"star wars storm-trooper stylee kevlar workwear,"

In fairness, if my job entailed facing a deranged gunman who had just shot 14 people dead I would want all the Kevlar I could get.

  Quickbeam 13:24 03 Dec 2015

Apparently it was after an argument at the office Christmas party.

Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Do I sound cynical...?

  Belatucadrus 13:47 03 Dec 2015

if my job entailed facing a deranged gunman

Problem is finding a job especially in the US where you can safely say that facing deranged gunmen wasn't on the prospectus.

I used to buy loads of workwear from Alexandra, don't remember this in the catalogue, the times they are a changin and not necessarily for the better.

  spuds 14:09 03 Dec 2015

"In fairness, if my job entailed facing a deranged gunman who had just shot 14 people dead I would want all the Kevlar I could get."

Here's one typical example, and there are many more like it, possibly on a regular basis! click here

  Belatucadrus 01:40 04 Dec 2015

Just a though, the right to bear arms as part of a properly constituted militia was meant to protect the American citizens from us Brits. Here's a couple of numbers to contemplate

1) American Revolution (1775–1783), Battle deaths 4,435

2) 2015 Toll of Gun Violence, Number of Deaths1 12,236

Maybe they should consider how to protect the people from themselves ? I don't think we're that much of a threat to them any more.

  BT 08:17 04 Dec 2015

..the right to bear arms as part of a properly constituted militia..

Exactly! The 'Right to Bear Arms' was never intended to allow individuals to carry guns on an individual basis. There is a vast amount of opinion available as to the meaning of the Second Amendment and the great majority of it comes from those who perceive it to mean that it gives individuals the 'Right' to carry guns for 'Personal Protection'.

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