Another immigrant ripping off

  Al94 15:59 26 Nov 2011
  Aitchbee 16:19 26 Nov 2011

Now, he'll be 'kept' by HM prison 'free' for 7

  csqwared 16:19 26 Nov 2011

If you do a quick Google on 'benefit fraudsters' you will find that there are a lot of them - and not all immigrants, so, why highlight this one?

  Aitchbee 16:50 26 Nov 2011

The BBC highlighted this case, csqwared. Little Dom was on another 'case' at the time.

  csqwared 18:55 26 Nov 2011


No, the BBC reported this case, as they have done many others regarding benefit fraud, I just wondered what made this particular one worthy of an appearance here.

  Aitchbee 19:03 26 Nov 2011

I think, because it was a bit of a 'whopper',csqwared. £400,000 pounds is a lot of money.The man was also a foreigner, to boot.

  Forum Editor 19:10 26 Nov 2011

Your thread title might just as easily been 'another English man ripping us off' or 'another Northerner ripping us off'.

Benefit fraud is by no means the sole preserve of immigrants, as csqwared has pointed out. That said, this man was an illegal immigrant, and the amount he obtained illegally was huge - we'll be well rid of him when he's finally deported.

The really disturbing aspect to stories like this is the ease with which the fraudsters seem to be able to cheat the system.

  csqwared 19:15 26 Nov 2011

As I said more fraud.

  Al94 19:45 26 Nov 2011

I just wondered what made this particular one worthy of an appearance here.

As previously alluded to, it was the scale and nature of the fraud coupled with the illegal immigrant status that struck me as another mindblowing failure in UK systems. Beween this and the one you linked to, there's a £1 million gone west (actually significantly more if you factor in all the associated "costs" of the crime) Muliply this by all the other cases identified and then the statistically probable bulky remainder who "got away with it" and you must be talking about an eye watering amount. The immigration issue needs to be tackled head on in any case.

  Autoschediastic 21:55 26 Nov 2011

After been in the uk as long as he is it maybe that he is now "British" as he could well have citizenship? it maybe a bitter pill for some but its true

  daz60 08:04 27 Nov 2011

Sorry guys but now that he has a family living here there is no way they can deport him.His parents came here to sponge of the taxpayer and have made a very good living out of doing so,that means if he goes they must go,they came under false pretences and actively engaged with this fraud.Now, can you imagine the fracas that will happen if these parents are deported.

The scale of fraud committed in this country by home grown 'criminals' is ,i imagine huge,unfortunately you can't deport them and any hope of recovering any monies is negligible.

I say that any individual who is found guilty of benefit fraud and that includes those arch benefit scammers in suits,AKA politicians,should lose their "right" to such for a period of at least 3 years just plucking a number out of nowhere.

That they would then run to the Human Rights commision is ok as long as they remove themselves from this country and go to live in Brussels.

In this instance all properties and belongings of this criminal should be immediately confiscated as they are the result of crime.That should be the case with other thieves, benefit fraudsters or not.

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