Another Grammar Question?

  Bing.alau 18:54 05 Feb 2013

I am beginning to think that maybe it is me. But every time I see the word "as" instead of "Has" I get a little niggle in my mind.

"He as just gone over to the shops" instead of "He has just gone over to the shops". why a little thing upsets me I do not know. Do other people get these feelings?

I know I am not really in to grammar myself, I winced at school when my teacher used the phrase "Subject and Predicate" at the beginning of an English lesson. I still do not know what it means. So why does this irritate me?

  Aitchbee 19:06 05 Feb 2013

I would put down [...if that's the correct expression] my interest in words and proper grammatical terms 'n' spelling, to my 1st year Latin teacher ... [amo amas amat ... et al] ... and Tarquinius Superbus & Co.!

  csqwared 19:09 05 Feb 2013


I suppose, like me, you are one of the 'old school' where grammar and proper english were an important part of our tuition, you may recall my thread regarding 'loose' and 'lose'. I'm with you. it irritates me also. Not so very long ago I did a couple of years in night school refreshing my French and German. At the time I thought it would be a nice parallel to go over the English grammar but could I find a class? - literature only which seems to be the norm in school these days.

  SillBill 19:09 05 Feb 2013


You are not alone. Errors which can be glossed over in speech just scream at you when committed to text.

  tullie 19:23 05 Feb 2013

There is a regular user of these forums who always misses the H in has

  Al94 19:27 05 Feb 2013

The misuse of "of" cracks me up as in "should of" instead of "should have"!

Typical of our lazy "any way will do" society.

  SillBill 19:29 05 Feb 2013

Fortunately the use (misuse) of "Text speak" is still banned in these forums.

  Bing.alau 20:03 05 Feb 2013

Yes Thank God for that.

  Aitchbee 21:05 05 Feb 2013

Bill Bryson's book 'Mother Tongue' is worth a look if you are interested in linguistics ... it's very entertaining, on Shakespeare he writes:-

"No one in any tongue has ever made greater play of his language. He coined some 2,000 words - an astonishing number - and gave us countless phrases. As a phrasemaker there has never been anyone to match him. Among his inventions: one fell swoop, in my mind's eye, more in sorrow than in anger, to be in a pickle, bag and baggage, vanish into thin air, budge an inch, play fast and loose, go down the primrose path, the milk of human kindness, remembrance of things past, the sound and the fury, to thine own self be true, to be or not to be, cold comfort, to beggar all description, salad days, flesh and blood, foul play, tower of strength, to be cruel to be kind, and on and on."

  Forum Editor 23:38 05 Feb 2013

"There is a regular user of these forums who always misses the H in has"

and one who liberally sprinkles his posts with incorrectly used apostrophes

and another who calls a screen a screan

and so on,and so on, but so what?

We could all spend our time criticising others for their lack of grammatical knowledge, or their inability to spell correctly, but that person who doesn't know an adjective from a preposition might leave most of us standing when it comes to Windows7 problems.

We're a virtual community, and we probably represent a reasonable cross-section of society. It takes all sorts, as they say, and perhaps we should exhibit a degree of tolerance and understanding to those who, for one reason or another, don't always do things as we would like them done.

Here endeth the lecture.

  Bing.alau 10:45 06 Feb 2013

"Amen" ...Is that pronounced with an "A" as in the alphabet, or with an "AR"?

I know I am guilty of sprinkling my posts with pars (parentheses may be the correct word) and quotation marks and probably lots of other annoying habits. So "I can't talk" as the saying goes.

I have never heard the saying "Go down the primrose path" but it sounds like a good idea right now.

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