Another Footbal Story (but a nice one).

  laurie53 17:25 11 May 2009

Frank Skinner tells of a footballer who sold a shed while taking a corner.

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The story may, or may not, be true, but what a lovely thought in this day of the overpaid prima donnas we seem to be forever reading about.

  mrwoowoo 18:27 11 May 2009

What a missed opportunity to set up a corner shop.(O:"
Certainly puts things into perspective.
No doubt that in years gone by all footballers were playing for the love of the game.
I'm sure that a small percentage of modern footballers only turn up for their wages.You know the ones by their lack of effort or conviction week in week out.Most stick out a mile.
Mind you,Ballack was in this catagory for me due to the way he strolls around during a game with little or no effort.£110,000 a week.Do me a favour.
Then Ballack and Drogba(another on my list of suspects)go looney at losing out on the champions league final and you wonder if it's as simple as that.
Perhaps it was missing out on their huge bonus that stirred them up.

  Noldi 17:24 12 May 2009

As my premier league team is Chelsea (Actually a Brighton fan) I will agree Balack did look as if he had trouble getting involved in the semi final at Stanford Bridge. But Didier Drogba is probably one of the best strikers in the premiership at the moment and the way he was treated in that game I think he was a little upset but to call him a money grabber that’s not on, you only had to watch match of the day at the weekend to see players who are premadonas and think they are even above their managers.


  Kevscar1 18:56 12 May 2009

From reading to the bottom of the story he probably needed a bigger one to keep his stash in

  Bingalau 08:34 13 May 2009

We have no Prima-Donna's in Everton's team. All good hard working lads pulling together which is as it should be.

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