Another case of disingenuous reporting

  zzzz999 07:35 28 Sep 2011

A few nights ago ITV screened a UTV documentary about the links between the IRA and Gadaffi's Libya, including 'behind the scenes footage' of actual IRA Operations. It now turns out, the actual 'footage of IRA operations' were in fact extracts from a shoot em up computer game.

Why oh why, would you do this? I thought it was a poor documentary anyway, but leaving that aside, I assume with a documentary that makes it on to national TV that a lot of people have put time and effort into the end product - so it staggers me that they would destroy the credibility of everything they have done with such amateurish 'sexing up'.

  daz60 08:16 28 Sep 2011

Still waiting for the evidence proving the miners links, via Arthur Scargill,to Gaddafi that was prominent during and after the strikes.

Dis-information is the hallmark of 'real' statecraft everywhere.From Dreyfuss to WMD and beyond it will always exist.

  zzzz999 08:26 28 Sep 2011

daz60, agree with you, but given the media age we live in, such lies are open to much more scrutiny. But that aside, to use extracts from a recent computer game....staggering

  spuds 11:59 28 Sep 2011

No matter what is televised or published, there will always be the conspiracy theory.

Tony Blair was given a slating the other night about the 'secrecy' of his fortunes and activities since leaving the Prime Ministers office. Still waiting for the comments about that!.

Going back to the IRA and Gadaffi, the arms shipments have been known about for ages, it was never really a secret. The same might apply to how many of those arms and explosives still exist, even though they have all been destroyed?.

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