Another carrot?

  peter99co 12:34 22 Mar 2010

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Gordon Brown's super-fast broadband for all plan

And he announced the creation of a new digital Domesday Book, bringing together vast swathes of information about life in Britain today.

The old digital version of this is in worse condition than the original book! So much for technology

He really has a spending bug this guy.

  peter99co 12:41 22 Mar 2010

Unions have expressed concern that thousands of public sector workers could be made redundant if more services are digitised, and that more personal data belonging citizens could put at risk.

  Kevscar1 14:07 22 Mar 2010

Don,t see how more data could be put at risk when there,s less people to leave to on the train.

  lotvic 14:09 22 Mar 2010


  johndrew 14:13 22 Mar 2010

Is this like the many other promises/proposals that have formed a basis for another stealth tax or simply been forgotten about?

  HondaMan 14:34 22 Mar 2010

Frankly, if GB told me the sun was shining, I would want to see it for myself before believing him

  Kevscar1 16:41 22 Mar 2010

Easy to promise something when you know that even if by some remote possibility your party is in power you won,t be leading it.

  Woolwell 17:02 22 Mar 2010

"Every home in the UK to have access to super-fast broadband". That word "every" could come back to haunt him. Does he really mean that every rural cottage, mid Dartmoor, the Outer Hebrides and the Scilly Isles will be able to have super-fast broadband. What is meant by "access to" is that the same as have and at what cost per household?

  Forum Editor 20:02 22 Mar 2010

were knee high to a laptop BT approached Margaret Thatcher's government with a plan - the company offered to create an infrastructure that would have seen every UK home having access to a fast internet connection. The trade off was that BT would have a franchise to push service offerings down the pipe for a certain period, so we would all have seen our web pages containing ads.

The government refused, mainly because Mrs. T. was being courted by the cable companies.

The world moved on, and here we are, being told that we can be 'the world leader in the digital economy' - whatever that means - within 10 years.

All I can say is that people had better get a move on - some other countries are leaving us behind as I write.

  peter99co 21:29 22 Mar 2010
  Kevscar1 08:23 23 Mar 2010

It's all a big brother plan so they can take control of your webcam, activate your mike and record everything you say about the government. If you say something derisive about the government it will be noted in a file by MI5.
It will be linked to your Personal Government Webpage so they can check and adjust any benefits you get depending on wehter you said something nice about the PM or insulted him.

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