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  carver 08:24 23 Jul 2008

So it seems that you are all drinking to much and it's about time you learn how to drink more sensibly.

Nothing to do with opening pubs, clubs for longer hours, it's all your fault.

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I think I remember several years ago quite a few people saying that if opening hours were increased then this could be the result.

It not the fault of the pubs/ clubs they have to sell drinks to stay in profit, other wise they go bankrupt. If you stay open longer you have to sell more drinks, thats plain common sense.

It's very hard when working behind a bar to tell when some one has reached his or her limit, some people can look and act quite sober until they walk out of the door and then the fresh air hits them.

It appears that some politicians had this rosy picture of you all sat out side a pub with your glass of wine in hand spending several hours over one drink discussing the meaning of life, why aren't you doing it?

  jack 09:15 23 Jul 2008

After all the hours drinking places stay open is hardly relevant, when individuals can stock up at the 24/7 supermarket, and then go in the park or generally stumble about the streets.

I don't know of an answer either.
I do know that prohibition and the heavy hand will have little affect.
'Drying out tanks' - not jail or courts but simple enclosures with basic facilities- A wire cage with tents- type of thing- where the individual can reflect on the meaning of life for a few nights- perhaps may be.
Education then?

  spuds 10:51 23 Jul 2008

The industry could perhaps help resolve some of the problems. Our local Asda stopped selling 'booze' between midnight and 6am, a few months ago. I suspect that the reason for the 12.01am to 6am curfew, was due to other outlets, like convenience store newsagents, who close at 11pm then re-open at 6am.

Only yesterday, I was reading of a court case. It appears that in this incident, the bar staff were actually sorting out the customers money, because the customer's were far to drunk to count it themselves. Now that speaks volumes, as to how far some pub or club owners will go.

A few years ago, our local constabulary was 'hiring out' police officers to clubs and pubs in the sensitive hours, so as to boost police funding. This brought a whole wave of complaints from the general public.In theory it was perhaps a good idea, because each pub and club were seen to be trying to administer a paid-for police presence. They were taking responsibility for safety of their own premises, and that of their customers and staff.

  jolorna 11:07 23 Jul 2008

read this link it will tell you about Sale or supply of alcohol to someone who is drunk, so if this was followed then we shouldn't get all the alcohol problems on the street, so maybe the pubs should be prosicuted as well as teh person who is drunk for getting them into that state click here

  TopCat® 14:10 23 Jul 2008

In my opinion the heavily discounted beers and such should be stopped from being sold in outlets, especially in supermarkets. I also think a hefty fine should be levied on all who create trouble through drink and this fine should be increased if the drunken person needs medical attention arising from this trouble. Obviously, a totally innocent drinker attacked by others and hospitalised would not be penalised, after proper inquiries have been made.

The cost to the nation of handling these irresponsible people has become prohibitive and it's high time these people were hit hard in their pockets. Maybe then they would soon sober up to their responsibilities to others around them. This national disease has been going on far too long and needs urgent action from all concerned to curtail it. TC.

  Chegs ®™ 15:04 23 Jul 2008

No amount of governmental interference will resolve this problem.It has regularly been shown to be a "british" thing,abroad where they have youths able to drink from a younger age dont have as much trouble.I was allowed a very small glass of homebrewed beer with meals,but as I hated fizzy drinks as a child I declined it.I also used to go out at weekends & get thoroughly plastered,but strangely not so plastered I couldnt walk home(unless a policeman decided for me I was too drunk to be allowed to continue & arrested me "for my own safety")

Its mainly education about alcohol we need,not more interference from government,or posters everywhere telling us that each drink is x units.

I no longer drink alcohol at all,despite having a shed load of homebrewed cider & wines.

  Forum Editor 00:09 24 Jul 2008

clubs for longer hours, it's all your fault."

Yes, it is. Binge drinking is the problem in this country, rather than the amount consumed per head per year. Ireland, Spain and France still have higher per head alcohol consumption figures than the UK, and yet deaths from alcohol-related causes are much lower in these countries.

In the UK around 14 women per 100,000 and 18 men per 100,000 in the 35-54 year old age group die from alcohol related causes, and these figures are well above the average for Europe. We simply drink far too much in this country, and although the increased opening times for pubs may have contributed to the problem they aren't the prime cause. There's a binge-drinking culture amongst young people, and that's society's fault - we tolerate the behaviour, so it continues.

  Stuartli 00:31 24 Jul 2008

The idea, originally, of extending hours from 10-30pm to 11pm and then even later under the "up to 24 hour drinking outlets" was basically intended to avoid excessive consumption of drinks towards a fast approaching closing time.

This, in fact, is a fallacy - if the mind set is to consume alcohol in large quantities then it makes no difference.

A very large number of young people have never been any different over the years with regard to the level of alcohol consumption, but in my time we had a far higher level of discipline and rarely exceeded the boundaries.

The Labour Party was given more than ample notice of what potential excesses extended drinking hours would bring, but had its own agenda on the outcome.

As for Dawn Primarolo's views, words fail me; always everyone else's fault except those who created the situation in the first place.

The UK has never had a "Continental" type drinking environment and it's more than likely it never will until public perception and appreciation of the concept is fully grasped.

  spuds 10:31 24 Jul 2008

The so called 24 hour drinking is nothing new, its the way authority as made it more legal.

In places like London, there are or were special concessions for certain types of working people, with early hour drinking licences. In my hometown, there was one such establishment who was also granted a special early morning licence for alcoholic drink and food for wholesale market staff. This establishment seemed to thrive in days of success on food more than drink provisions. The establishment as now gone completely, and as been replaced with a large food trailer, doing sandwich fry-ups, tea and coffee.

Within a one/two mile radius of the wholesale market there are a number of drinking dens or supermarket outlets. Yet drink related crime or problems do not appear to be really evident. Its more nearer the town centre, with the 2/4am closing, that seems to attract all the trouble of violence and drink related problems. Yet our council are still providing licences in these areas. I would have thought, that the council's responsibilities are to force closures of non-compliant establishments, than rather encourage them. And on that basis, the authorities are as much to blame, possible due to a good revenue gatherer for the council and bar owners. But at the cost of the majority tax payers, with increased council tax, which is required to help control the aftermath.

  Chegs ®™ 16:22 24 Jul 2008

We seem to suffer the most problems with violence after the pubs & clubs shut,despite the polititians stating that it was this blanket "closing time" cause of problems that they were trying to address.By staggering the closing times was supposed to reduce the hoards of drunken people fighting over insufficient taxis,queuing for takeaways,etc but it didnt work out as people had become so accustomed to 2am that they still ended the night at this time.Our council decided that as there was only the two nightclubs(open until 2am)and 99% of the troubles with drunken violence occurred outside them,they refused every application to extend the clubs opening hours.Then when the takeaways also had their applications for later opening turned down because of their proximity to the nightclubs(and the crimes)I formed the opinion that our council are stuck in some point of history,they will only agree to change if it benefits the council and vote against any proposals that might allow the populace to enjoy themselves.

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