Another big name on the way out?

  ened 15:30 27 Nov 2008

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A friend of mine who owns a small shop and is doing rather well at the moment, told me last week there were rumours that one of the big names could go before Christmas.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:35 27 Nov 2008

Unlikely to go before Christmas as they will have many sales through the next few weeks and of course the January sales are a bumper time for these types of goods.

  Cymro. 15:42 27 Nov 2008

For one terrible moment there I thought you were on about someone being thrown out of that Big Brother In The Jungle thing or whatever it is called.

As for Currys going under I wonder if they will do a real closing down sale? Not one of those some shops do when they want to dump a load of stuff and just reopen the net day as if nothing had happened.

It would be nice to have a real bargain for a change. What do you suppose happens to the stock of shops that get closed down by the bank or whatever these days?

  ened 15:56 27 Nov 2008

I needed a new fridge two weeks ago.

The same item was the same price in Curry's and Comet.

The former wanted £20:00 delivery charge and were not prepared to negotiate. Comet, when asked, delivered it for free.

I had gone to Curry's first and, had they been less intransigent, I would probably not have bothered travelling across town to the other.

  Al94 16:19 27 Nov 2008

I prefer to support the remaining local independents who often give a better deal, better customer service and often free delivery. The likes of Currys don't deserve to survive.

  Al94 16:22 27 Nov 2008

Cymro, as far as I am aware, there is often a "reservation of title" clause attached to stocks of white goods (and others) which means they still belong to the manufacturer/supplier rather than the retailer until paid for so aren't classed as "stock" when the administrators move in.

  ened 16:34 27 Nov 2008

I agree with you and my friend is one of those independents but he was unable to come close to a television I have just bought from Amazon.

Had he been able to come within a few tens I would have bought it from him but he couldn't get within £150:00.

He was not that bothered as a large amount of his trade comes from people who want it delivered and set up for them. His aftersales service is second to none and that is why he is still busy through these difficult times.

  interzone55 16:52 27 Nov 2008

I was in the same situation on Monday.

Went to my local Currys and they didn't seem to want to serve me, when eventually I found someone they told me the fridge I wanted wasn't available until middle of December.

I went to the currys in the next town and they had one available for delivery in a couple of days.

I happen to know that both branches use the same depot, so the local currys obviously don't need the money...

  Simsy 17:27 27 Nov 2008

a couple of days ago, from a courier...

The delivery had been attampted the previous day, and they'd left a card, although I was in. I guess I didn't hear bell! I was chatting to the bloke about it and apologised, as I think I was probably asleep on the sofa!...

He said it wasn't him. He'd had the previous day off and had been looking for a job, as he'd just heard that he'd been made redundant along with "lots of others", effective from 11th December.

So that's a major courier company laying of drivers in the buld up to Christmas. That must say something!



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