Annoying Ticker?

  MAJ 20:27 06 Jan 2010

Is it just me or is the ticker at the top of the page very annoying? I refresh or open the page, start looking at the thread titles, then the ticker loads and jumps the page down by the ticker's depth. Is it really necessary?

  octal 21:10 06 Jan 2010

It is annoying as it makes my eyes go funny and makes me feel nauseous trying to read it, I do suffer a bit with flashing lights having the same effect, but I find a quick scroll on the mouse it vanishes anyway, otherwise I would have a problem.

  Al94 21:39 06 Jan 2010

I was disappointed to see it return along with the page junp as it loads. It is also not smooth running and irritating to look at. the site is better without it imo.

  BRYNIT 22:28 06 Jan 2010

octal I have a similar problem If you want to disable the ticker and use IE7 or IE8 follow instructions below.

If you are on the PCA website go to tools/internet options/security/Local intranet/sites/advanced add PCA web site

Then go to custom level, scroll down to scripting/active scripting and tick disable

Close IE and restart.

  octal 06:05 07 Jan 2010

Thanks, but I haven't got IE, but I can do the same in Firefox or Opera if I want. The trouble is I need the scripting for the other sites I use, so I'll carry on with flicking the scroll wheel so it vanishes off the top of the page.

I think it would be fine if it wasn't jerking, but I suspect it's like that to add dramatic effect like a real ticker tape.

  BRYNIT 11:32 07 Jan 2010

I think it will only stop the the active scripting on the sites you have added to the list ie PC Advisor, any other sites should be ignored.

  Picklefactory 13:15 07 Jan 2010

It keeps sending me to the search results. GRRR!!
I know I need to learn patience, but I haven't managed it in the last 46 years so unlikely to now.
As soon as a particular thread I'm interested in opens, I'm mousing straight to the last page number to see the latest post. Unfortunately the ticker has other ideas and is, as yet, faster than I am (Marginally, but I aim to beat it!!!) and just as I attempt to click on the page number for latest posts, the whole page jumps down by ticker height and I miss my target and hit the search 'Go' button.

I'm treating it as a speed challenge in order to not get ratty with it. ;o)

Thank you PCA for giving me something to occupy my competative spirit. :o)

  canarieslover 14:14 07 Jan 2010

It reminds me of my first attempt at scrolling text on a Spectrum. That wasn't too smooth either but at least there was the excuse that it was written in Basic.

  MAJ 15:10 07 Jan 2010

Yes, it's a pretty bad attempt at text scrolling, canarieslover, must have been a friday afternoon job by a trainee coder. It's easy to ignore that bit by doing as octal says and hitting the scroll wheel straightaway, but it's the page jump that's most annoying, maybe someone will remove it soon.

  VCR97 19:43 07 Jan 2010

Try this which was recommended by "InTheCity" in a previous post on this subject.

click here

  VCR97 19:44 07 Jan 2010

If you have Firefox.

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