Annoying apostrophe again

  Bingalau 19:13 12 Jun 2011

Actually it is the lack of an apostrophe that is annoying me. Every time I click on the words at the top of this forum "Speakers Forum" Has it been left out purposely by the powers that be?

  octal 19:21 12 Jun 2011

Speakers is a plural, so no apostrophe needed.

  octal 19:23 12 Jun 2011

This site describes it very well.

  natdoor 19:40 12 Jun 2011


I am afraid that the site does not explain it well.

It implies the if the word is plural it never needs an apostophe. This is incorrect. If if indicates possesion an apostrophe is needed whethe the word is singular or plural.

"My sister's cats" refers to the cats on one sister. "My sisters' cats" refers to the cats of two or more sisters.

When it comes to names assigned to things, I believe that the person who "invents" the name can do as he wishes. For example, Sainsbury's uses the apostrophe, presumably because Mr. Sainsbury wanted to indicate that it was his shop. An example where an apostrophe is not used where it could have been is the street name "Kings Ride". This could have been treated as singular possessive or plural possessive. But it is just a name and chosen without one, which is fine. The same applies to "Speakers Corner".

  Bingalau 20:09 12 Jun 2011

Thanks for the replies. I think fourm members' explanation seems to be the better one to me. But I did think an apostrophe was needed myself. However I will bow to the experts' replies and accept that it is not necessary. The heading will not annoy me as much now either. I hope! Really I should have known that the FE would have corrected it if it had been wrong.

  lotvic 20:20 12 Jun 2011

Well then, my sister's a cat person. (my sister is a cat person - she likes them, personally I can't stand the darn animals)

  Forum Editor 20:40 12 Jun 2011

"I think fourm members' explanation seems to be the better one to me."

It's the correct one, so you're in good company, except that, if I was to be ever so nit-picky (and we all know I'm never that) fourm members' should be fourm member's.

  Colonel Graham 22:46 12 Jun 2011
  Forum Editor 23:19 12 Jun 2011

Colonel Graham

I'm sorry, I don't see your point.

  Covergirl 12:21 13 Jun 2011

I think the Colonels' point is that Wiki calls it "Speakers' Corner", just to contradict all the above explanations.

(Anyone on here got a Wiki account - fancy a quick bit of editing )?

I did think this thread was going to be a lambast at a person's continual miss-spelling's but I wa's wrong. We do'nt usually go a lot on p'unctuation on this s'ite as previous'ly commented.


PML :)

  Bingalau 14:52 13 Jun 2011

FE. I would have added another letter "s" to make it fourm members's ....

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