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Angry rant against offensive messages on clothing.

  Brumas 20:09 20 Dec 2018

I've been debating as to whether or not I would post about this, what I can only describe as an affront to decency, on here as this is a family oriented forum and children may read but what I saw really shocked me!

Whilst stopped at the lights in Berwick approaching the car was, what I can only describe as an obnoxious looking slob and his equally repulsive mate. The writing on the front of his mucky looking hoody was

Your mother

Is s*king ccks

In Hell.

There were no asterisks!!!

How are manufacturers allowed to produce this filth, I would have thought it violated public decency/pornographic literature/common sense - I don't know if there are laws against this but they bloomin well should be! I spent the next 5 minutes hunting for a copper so that I could draw it to his attention - no such luck!

I just cannot understand why do these cretinous toerags do it???

End of RANT.

Sorry if I have shocked any innocents reading this.

  Brumas 12:55 21 Dec 2018

wee eddie, yeah, you're probably right - the light wouldn't be worth the candle. If I had the brass and it happened again I would go for it, at least I would have the satisfaction in making a stand against this sort of thing!

  BT 09:16 22 Dec 2018

Unfortunately the use of swear words has become commonplace everywhere now. You hear the 'F' word daily on TV and there are so many instances of swear words all over Facebook etc. What confuses me is that Facebook will ban people for seemingly trivial things but swearing doesn't seem to be one of them.

When I was a kid in the 50/60s you rarely heard anyone swearing. The worst I heard my Dad say was 'bugger' if he hit his finger with a hammer or something similar. Anything even slightly suspect from us kids would elicit a clip round the ear. These days however every 2nd word from some kids is a swear word of some kind. I live near a large High School and hear it all the time as they walk past my house.

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