The Andrew Marr Show

  morddwyd 10:06 30 Apr 2012

I've never watched it, but there are frequently clips on various news broadcasts, and I get the impression that this is more and more a vehicle for the government to advocate/defend various policies and personalties.

Am I right, or is this just the penalty of only seeing it in news clips?

I suppose I could watch it myself and find out, but the thought of watching pontificating politicians for an hour is too big a price to pay!

  john bunyan 10:43 30 Apr 2012

You could use iPlayer and fast forward the boring bits. He is a bit of a softy compared to Humphreys or Paxman, but sometimes gets up to date interviews that have a passing interest.

  Aitchbee 11:24 30 Apr 2012

I used to watch "Weekend World" on sunday afternoons, about 20 plus years ago with Brian Walden.He was able to get them (politicians)'hot under the collar' when pressing them with searching questions of the day.

The intro music by MOUNTAIN was also very good.

  CurlyWhirly 17:51 30 Apr 2012

Aitchbee, when Weekend World was broadcast I was too young to get involved in politics (I do follow it now though) but I used to love the theme tune !

  ams4127 17:54 30 Apr 2012

Andrew Marr = Martin Clunes with some of the air let out

fourm member That's brilliant!!

  Forum Editor 18:21 30 Apr 2012

"Andrew Marr = Martin Clunes with some of the air let out"

Someone's been watching Jo Brand on 'Have I got news for you'.

  Forum Editor 18:49 30 Apr 2012

"Yes, you have."

And so, I believe, have you.

  johndrew 09:39 01 May 2012

"Andrew Marr = Martin Clunes with some of the air let out"

Air????!! With many of his comments and assertions to his guests I feel it may be something more significant.

  morddwyd 10:03 01 May 2012

Like what? Blood, bone, tissue?

The plain fact is that as Jo Brand perspicaciously pointed out, he does look like a slightly deflated Clunes.

  johndrew 11:49 01 May 2012

I'm not denying the deflated likeness, but there is also something else missing - perhaps it could be described as presence(?).

  Forum Editor 18:07 01 May 2012

I like Andrew Marr, he has character, and a broad range of interests. I'm told he's very well liked by his colleagues.

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