Analog to Digital TV

  Curio 16:45 14 Oct 2008

How many amongst us are going to be in this predicament?

click here

  BT 16:57 14 Oct 2008

Already got more wires than this behind my TV equipment!

  jack 16:58 14 Oct 2008

Isn't it?

  Legolas 17:45 14 Oct 2008

I have a total spaghetti of wires behind my telly. I am on Virgin Cable so I have a cable box connected to my TV via scart-1 I also have a digibox which of course gets all the free digital channels, this is connected to the TV via scart-2, this allows me to watch one channel while recording another. All this is connected through my HD recorder. I could of course buy a new HD recorder with twin tuners but that would cost money and the recorder I have is old but perfectly good. I think I have covered all the bases come the change over, so hopefully no interruption to my televisual delights.

  tullie 18:07 14 Oct 2008

Its life, spaghetti behind tv,spaghetti behind PC,what if you dont like pasta?

  John B 18:25 14 Oct 2008

What am I supposed to look at please?

  BT 07:46 15 Oct 2008

I claim the prize for the biggest 'cable nest' behind my TV.

Virgin Cable box
DVD/Video recorder
Freeview box/HDD/DVD recorder
all connected via Scart switch box to each other and to TV Scart 1

Two DVD players
Video recorder connected via Scart switcher to TV Scart 2

Cable splitter and associated cables to connect PC to Broadband

  Legolas 15:45 18 Oct 2008

I hereby award you the prize for this spaghetti of wires and good luck when you have to move it.

  BT 16:11 18 Oct 2008

I try not to!!!

  DieSse 16:52 18 Oct 2008

I'm not sure what I would award from having three devices that can play DVDs attached to the same TV.

  AL47 17:00 18 Oct 2008

my laptop is my freeview tv, freeview recorder, dvd player, game playing thing, music system, and internet thing, obviously

i just slot my freeview card in, and connect the aerial, no extra wires than analogue

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