Amy Williams Gold

  Noldi 18:32 20 Feb 2010

I was especially pleased to see Amy win gold for the UK. The behind the scenes that has gone on to achieve this is quite interesting to me as an engineer, most of the competing countries have university etc designing and building the sledges for their competitors. The UK entry was designed and build by the company Bromley from Rotherham with a ex F1 designer as the technical director and they beet the rest well done to the whole team.


  Pineman100 18:42 20 Feb 2010

So is the success or failure of the contestant purely down to the sledge?

  wiz-king 19:02 20 Feb 2010

No, but it helps! She would not have gone that fast on a woolies tea-tray.

  Noldi 19:05 20 Feb 2010

"So is the success or failure of the contestant purely down to the sledge?"

No its not, buts its also not down to a off the peg sledge, both have to work together. What I was trying to get across was that the project UK was better that some of the others, The Swiss have very large resources behind a lot of the equipment look at the ski jumper with the bindings on his skis. Its good to see the UK actually achieving something whole-heartedly and giving our sports people advantages as with the cyclist at the last summer Olympics.


  Noldi 19:08 20 Feb 2010
  canarieslover 22:05 20 Feb 2010

Congratulations to Amy and the whole support team. It's great to have a winner!!!

  SimpleSimon1 22:41 20 Feb 2010

"So is the success or failure of the contestant purely down to the sledge?"

Personally, I'd say a heck a lot of it is having the guts to do 100mph on your stomach, with your nose 2" from the ice :-)

Much respects to Amy and all her team

  Forum Editor 22:41 20 Feb 2010

by a team of engineers working under the collaborative name of Balckroc. I'm sure that they would freely acknowledge the fact that good as their sled is, the bulk of the credit is due to Amy's skill as a rider.

  jakimo 12:51 21 Feb 2010

There must be something special about Amy`s sledge for it to be knicknamed "Arthur" come to that Amy Williams is pretty special too,as its taken 30 years to find a gold medal winner.

What was the other competitors beef about her helmet having grooves in it,and infinging the rules,,what was that about?

  Forum Editor 12:57 21 Feb 2010

What was that about?

Some people said the grooves were there to provide Amy with an unfair airflow advantage, even though her helmet had been scrutinised and passed prior to the start.

The makers say that the grooving is an essential aspect of the helmet's design, and their contention was upheld.

  Graham. 13:22 21 Feb 2010

Andy Williams Gold click here

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