America getting paranoid?

  VNAM75 23:19 05 Apr 2006

A ripple in US-China trade relations has been triggered by a security review of the sale of 16,000 Lenovo computers to the US State Department, on the grounds that the machines might be programmed to send sensitive information back to China. In fact, the State Department would be hard-pressed to find a PC that is not made in China, but the flap illustrates continuing American nervousness over its "strategic competitor" in an election year. - Janice Fioravante (Apr 4, '06)

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:47 06 Apr 2006

Just wait until the bird flu panic starts here....


  g0slp 07:52 06 Apr 2006

I can feel a reprise of Black Sabbath's <cough> 'classic' coming on...

Mind you, what about this one from yesterday's BBC news click here

  keith-236134 08:37 06 Apr 2006

Its here.

  spuds 11:30 06 Apr 2006

America is no different to anywhere else, in terms of business venture.What doesn't go in by the front door, will find its way via the back door, especially if quality and cost savings make a good combination.

Re subject about bird flu. Was in the vet's yesterday, with one of the dog's. Didn't see one bird in there :o)

  Totally-braindead 11:33 06 Apr 2006

America getting paranoid?

No America is already paranoid theres no getting involved they are already there. But are they paranoid for good reason or is it some sort of global conspiracy. As I type this I can feel someone watching me.........AGHHHH!

  medicine hat 13:54 06 Apr 2006

And of course there was that issue about some of their ports being owned by <gasp> Arabs. Protectionism dressed up as security concerns. Electioneering in the era of fear.

  amonra 14:49 06 Apr 2006

Dont panic ! Dont panic Mr. Mainwaring the bird flu is up in Scotland. That's far enough away from me !!!
As for Mr. Bush, he hasn't got a clue where China is, "It's somewhere over there beyond Yewrope".
America is as paranoid about China as France is about America, thank the Lord we live in a relatively stable, thinking country. What ?

Watch the SUN banner headlines tomorrow, "Thousands of lives in jeopardy " !!!!!

  keith-236134 09:57 09 Apr 2006

Where is this place "jeopardy", when i was being made redundant from Devonport Dockyard the headlines were " thousands of Dockyard jobs in jeopardy" but i could never find it.

  J B 17:53 19 Apr 2006

Paranoid, NO, Careful maybe, but as with all or should I say the majority of center right wing governments, it is what I say goes syndrome coming to the fore and nothing more.

I tell you what paranoid is, "McCarthyism in the 40s and 50s. You can't get any worse than that! J.B.

  Forum Editor 18:44 19 Apr 2006

This is hovering on the edge

of the 'unacceptable thread deletion' precipice.

In fact, I'm going to lock it, I'm extremely busy, and the minute I turn my back someone will post a step too far, someone else will retaliate, and presto! we'll have a fight on our hands.

It's simply not acceptable to post sweeping anti-american statements, or indeed, sweeping anti-any other nation statements. We're supposed to be mature, intelligent people - let's act that way.

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