AMD vs INTEL in latest mag 230?!?

  pasma 15:48 16 Jul 2014

I bought latest issue today and going quickly through magazine I found most inappropriately named story under "Feature" ever seen in this magazine. What the hell you are comparing here Roland? It should be named Intel vs Intel or "Intel paid advert, no mention of AMD" You are noting yourself on very first page:".....that's over 200 processors from Intel. AMD isn't any better......over 400 CPUs."!!! And then you fill two pages with Intel specs and at the very end find room for quarter of column for just naming some AMD CPUs! What a crap. How could editor let this through to print? I'm using very much Intel on all my PCs and laptops, and they great, but give AMD some credits for it's work and maybe some day we get some serious contender to Intel CPUs again.

  wee eddie 16:13 16 Jul 2014

Yes, for example,

How do AMD's on board Graphics compare to Intel's

Are AMD's fastest Processors slower that the slowest i3, if not, how do they compare with an i5, for example.

Maybe Rowland in an unpaid Intern, because that is all that could explain such a shoddy piece of work.

Being that most processors work rather faster than most of us think, what are the Advantages/Disadvantages of one versus the other.

And 5fps, in some stupid game, is not a valid reason for one being less suitable than another.

  pasma 16:38 16 Jul 2014

Yes we had, but it was only published online, but now they have printed it over three pages in magazine for which I had to pay 9.12eur.!!! I will stop buying it from now too!

  wee eddie 14:53 17 Jul 2014

Rather than clutter up both Threads with the same Posting, I have linked the two. The other thread.

I will now tell you why I am so incensed.

I have just started the long, and enjoyable, process of creating the specification for a new PC. As I am not a Gamer or Designer, I have no real need for a High-end Graphics Card, so the choice of Processor, with its "On-board" graphics, can make a considerable difference to the overall cost, noise and performance of my new machine. In the final specification, I shall take the advice of the young man who will build it for me, I know that I might be able to buy an 'off the peg job' a little cheaper, but we've done business together for years.

While I don't have the actual figures available to me, I love your cod statistic "The 75% Intel, 25% AMD coverage reflects the market."

While it may reflect on the number of PC Advertised in Magazines targeted at the Private Buyer, I have serious doubts whether it reflects the numbers of units sold as this advertising takes no account of the Business Desktop Market.

We, the Punters, rely on you, the Professional Journalists, to give us facts in such an article, rather than being a mirror to what you blithely perceive as being the current market. Particularly when you say you are comparing the output of the two major manufacturers and then make only passing reference to one of them.

  wee eddie 16:24 17 Jul 2014

While my assessment of the how you came by the statistic was, more or less, correct. We were both wrong.

So ~ Who uses AMD Processors? Why and how do they compare with similarly priced Intel Processors.

Could be a 300/500 word article there

  Menzie 18:55 18 Jul 2014

I pretty much avoid all articles regarding direct comparisons between AMD and Intel now, particularly when comparing processors not even in the same price range.

Intel is currently leading and their processors perform fantastically there is no denying that but with computers there is never a one size fits all.

It really irks me when I see any posts along the lines of 'AMD is junk' or 'AMD sucks.' As a user of both (AMD desktop and Intel laptop), I know the merits of each and make recommendations to friends and family based on criteria and budget. I personally haven't felt short changed by either and will continue to use whichever suits my requirements at any given time.

Unfortunately I can see why AMD are slowly pulling out of the CPU market and going the APU route. The posts that are the most ridiculous are the ones wanting the company to fold.

Firstly, AMD employs a great number of staff, wishing them to lose their jobs is a horrible thing to do. Secondly with no competition in the CPU or discrete graphics market (ATI would go down with the ship too), what do you think will happen? Consumers win when there is no monopoly.

  rdave13 19:54 18 Jul 2014

APU is simply the sandy bridge i CPU's equivalent surely? Combines CPU and GPU on the CPU chip. A processor that handles video as well as bus info? I run a cheap Phenom IIX4 850 Propus CPU and works ok for my requirements, also handles gpu. As a matter of fact, for what I use the PC for it's a tad over the top but the price was good. So it should work out that economics should dictate if AMD survives or not. Microsoft are making thousands of workers redundant for the same economic reasons.

As Menzie , I feel it a bad day when a Giant company has to lose a lot of its employees.

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