amazons new marketing methods wrong

  KEITH 1955 17:25 23 Mar 2019

Ok so you all know that when you go on amazon it "remembers" what you bought so puts this item and other things you might like across the bottom of the screen , this means its very hard to buy a surprise present for a family member if they just happen to go on amazon.

I have just discovered a new marketing method , just over a week ago I clicked on a few items for details but did not purchase. Today I got an email via amazon with my full name on it. I say via amazon because the email was actually from a seller of one of the products that I had looked at and they were "inviting" me to look at their latest prices.

My wife and I don't have any secrets from each other so we don't have separate user accounts or separate email addresses , if amazon continue to use this method of marketing then all future "surprise" purchases will be done in proper shops.

  Forum Editor 17:52 23 Mar 2019

I just took a look at the terms of my Amazon account. In the privacy settings I have ticked the box that says nothing about my profile should ever be public.

From the Amazon privacy statement: "We will never share what you browse or purchase on Amazon."

I suggest that you check your account settings. If I get an email from a seller with whom I have not done any business, and it turns out that Amazon has shared my name and email address there will be trouble, but frankly I don't think it will happen.

  KEITH 1955 18:03 23 Mar 2019

Hi FE , this is the first time its has happened so thought it was something new , I have my account page open now , I cant seem to find the privacy tab in my account settings , idiot guide required please.

  KEITH 1955 18:22 23 Mar 2019

if you mean allow customers to follow you in the edit profile it is NOT ticked

  morddwyd 18:32 23 Mar 2019

If you and your wife have no secrets from each other there can be no "surprise presents" so that horse doesn't run.

I gave up droning over a year ago but I still get "offers" from my local dealer.

only log in to Amazon when you have finished browsing and want to buy, and don't tell anyone else you password.

  lotvic 19:04 23 Mar 2019

Amazon: useful setting

  qwbos 20:19 23 Mar 2019

KEITH 1955

This might help you.

  KEITH 1955 08:14 24 Mar 2019

Hi lotvic i found the useful setting whilst trying to do what FE said. By the way , FE if you read this , what you said cant be done anymore by customers on there profile , i phoned amazon and they say they can make it so sellers cant send you emails , they did it for me , time will tell.

  BT 09:04 24 Mar 2019

What puzzles me about Amazon's Marketing is when I actually buy an item then get Emails suggesting that I might be interested in buying various alternative versions of the item. Why would I?

  KEITH 1955 09:11 24 Mar 2019

a funny one for you , a paperback I had been looking for was listed by a seller at £2,400 , an obvious typo so I contacted amazon and asked them to get the seller to say the correct price , amazon said the price shown is the price you pay !

  LastChip 09:47 24 Mar 2019

I don't bother with Amazon any more. I found them too intrusive with their marketing. Typical American in your face type stuff.

I'll go practically anywhere, rather than buy from them.

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