Amazon's new delivery system - a flight of fancy?

  TopCat® 13:37 02 Dec 2013

I struggle to see how this proposed means of small goods delivery can ever 'take off' The many obvious reasons against its operation are mounting but AmazonUSA are determined to get it underway as soon as possible. The mind boggles......!! TC.

hover here

  Woolwell 14:07 02 Dec 2013

I had a look at the date to see if it was 1st April. Cannot see this working.

  spuds 14:18 02 Dec 2013

Pie in the sky so to say. But to some boffin its all reality and not to far in the future?.

  lotvic 14:26 02 Dec 2013

I'm a bit worried about this part "The UAVs do not currently have the awareness of their environment to be able to avoid flying into people"

  Quickbeam 14:41 02 Dec 2013

It could all become quite embarrassing if a software error sent your new iPad to the Taliban and you got an exploding drone by mistake...

  chub_tor 15:18 02 Dec 2013

Come on fellas, have you not read Harry Potter? All the Hogwarts parcels were delivered in a similar way except they used owls....

  fourm member 15:19 02 Dec 2013


It is not April 1st but it is what is supposed to be the big day for online shopping.

What possible reason could the boss of Amazon have for reminding people about his business?

  wiz-king 15:32 02 Dec 2013

How about the minor details like trees, power lines and what will happen to all the yellow plastic boxes?

I wont drone on about the downsides!

  Forum Editor 15:58 02 Dec 2013

This is a very serious project; it has been in development for some time, and subject to FAA approval (which is expected to be granted) the service could be available to Amazon customers in America sometime in 2015.

The technology is a tried and tested one as far as the delivery drones are concerned, but there are some obvious concerns over safety as far as members of the public are concerned, and With regard to security of the consignments. Those concerns are being addressed at the moment, both by Amazon, and by the FAA.

  morddwyd 16:44 02 Dec 2013

This is a perfectly feasible operation.

Drones are already used for things besides killing wedding parties, such as inspecting power lines, and carrying HD cameras to follow some sports such as Alpine skiing.

It's no great stretch to deliver a 2kg parcel direct to Mrs McKay on Unst, or a human heart to Papworth.

It's not so long ago that the idea of every household having its own car was just as far fetched.

The only obstacles are man made, CAA rules and the like. It may not happen in my lifetime, but that's what they said about walking on the moon.

  Quickbeam 18:35 02 Dec 2013

Of course, once the Xmas delivery season starts, we would soon have skyway men with 12 bores beneath the flightpaths reaping the rich pickings...

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