amazon UK delivery not received

  conrail 10:03 04 Dec 2018

not a question, more of a comment about a delivery from that failed to arrive despite the website showing it was handed to me, I was away at the time and house empty, this is part of a email I have received:

Further, I would request to please tell if you are not feasible with the replacement of the item as they  are planned to be delivered on a long time escape. We'll be assisting you by cancelling this replacement and giving you complete refund for the item.

no idea on what is being said, maybe it's the new EU/English

  bremner 17:37 04 Dec 2018

Fruit bat ditto - and it arrived the next day

  conrail 18:01 04 Dec 2018

hi guys, thanks for all the help and advice, a 2nd parcel arrived a couple of days later and left in a secure place with a note from the delivery man telling me where it was, but an update on the original parcel which I have sent to amazon whom I have dealt with for many years with any problems, and they are resending the items to me, but I have sent this to them: I have an update regarding this missing parcel,

I was approached this morning by a lady who asked me if I had received my parcel, Apparently she was walking past my house last week when she saw a parcel left on my doorstep, in full view of the street,

She had considered taking it for safe keeping but as we had never met she was unsure about this, she said people might think she was stealing it so left it there.

It therefore appears the parcel was delivered but just left on the doorstep, by the courier, in full view of passers by and my only conclusion is that somebody has taken it

  oresome 20:26 04 Dec 2018

It was my daughters birthday last month.

For two years running a relative has sent her a card with a gift voucher enclosed and on neither occasion has she received it. This year the relative posted the gift to our address and we passed it on.

Another relative sent a card and gift voucher to the daughter direct this year and that has gone walkabouts. (Same postman delivers to both addresses as we live close by)

Are these random thefts or does a Royal Mail employee have some idea of an envelopes contents? As far as we can establish all envelopes simply containing cards arrive.

  bumpkin 22:03 04 Dec 2018

I have had mail delivered late with the corners slightly torn. They all contained credit card info, the other mail arrived in tact and on time. Curious to say the least.

  lotvic 22:38 04 Dec 2018

oresome, not all postmen are honest. I know one that a few years back got the sack and was prosecuted for theft of post contents.

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