Amazon manage to irritate me

  Belatucadrus 16:27 24 Dec 2016

Little window flashes up telling me my Canon printer is low on coloured ink, no problem head to Amazon as I've done many times before only for them to tell me I can't have one, I'm not a Prime customer and the CL-541XL is

> "Exclusively for Prime Members"

Not the smartest marketing move ever Jeff, you've taken a regular customer and told him he's second class, this not surprisingly hacked me off. Lost a sale as I don't care to be coerced into a prime membership I don't want and promptly sourced the cartridge from one of your competitors.

Merry Christmas

  bumpkin 17:13 24 Dec 2016

Getting too big for their boots in my opinion. Vote with your feet as they say.

  rdave13 17:39 24 Dec 2016

Odd, plenty of non-prime inks, link for one.

  Old Deuteronomy 17:42 24 Dec 2016

I would email Amazon and tell them what you have done and why.

  bumpkin 18:16 24 Dec 2016

**I'm not a Prime customer and the CL-541XL is

"Exclusively for Prime Members"


I would email Amazon and tell them what you have done and why.

I thought they wanted to sell stuff not that it was a priviledge to be able to buy it.

  Gordon Freeman 18:29 24 Dec 2016

Exactly rdave13, I just added that one to my basket no problem, & no shipping charges either. Maybe OP is having a 'moment'?

  rdave13 18:33 24 Dec 2016

It's only "Exclusively for Prime Members" if you select that prime ink. It clearly states that. The one I linked to is a quid less with free delivery and available to all for heaven's sake.

  rdave13 18:36 24 Dec 2016

Oops, Gordon Freeman, you only saved 20p not a quid. :)

  Belatucadrus 19:39 24 Dec 2016

rdave13 the ink you've linked to comes from Ink Jungle an Amazon trader, one of several I could have used but Amazon themselves who have supplied me with the product in the past now can't be bothered as I'm clearly not the right sort of customer. I'll be interested to see if this approach is extended to other items as Bezos has been pretty open about how he wants everybody to sign up to Prime. It looks as if Non Prime customers may end up with a somewhat limited service.

  rdave13 20:08 24 Dec 2016

To be honest I use traders very often over prime items as they are usually cheaper. You have the same protection/guarantee than if you were buying from Amazon stock. I agree with you if not being supplied from the Amazon warehouse irritates you then go for another supplier. That's your choice and it's Amazon's choice of the way they sell items. We'll see what Amazon does if a few thousand customers also take umbrage.

  LastChip 21:42 24 Dec 2016

I use Amazon a lot less now than I used to. Like you Belatucadrus, I get really hacked off at every time I visit being bombarded with "Prime". I'm not interested in Prime, I don't want Prime and as far as I'm concerned, it's in your face and an American way of promotion. Clearly, they haven't worked out it doesn't work for a lot of people in the UK.

The best way to avoid it, is stay away.

Perhaps if their sales retract, the penny will drop.

I'm also now finding myself using ebay less, as there are a lot of good independent sites offering the goods that I want at comparable prices.

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