Amazing, £17000 award to illegal immigrant!

  Blackhat 17:21 04 Nov 2011

£17360 to illegal immigrant

Convicted for over 20 offences in 3 years but detained illegally for 4 months and judge awards £17360. for wrongful imprisonment.

Granted legal aid, this has all come out of tax payer’s money. Something is wrong about the system for this to happen.

  badgery 17:27 04 Nov 2011

It would seem the 'something wrong' was the Home Office, who locked him up when they shouldn't have.

If the Home Office don't know the 'rules' then there can be little complaint about the damages.

  Toneman 18:10 04 Nov 2011

Beg to differ, wish I could get £17K for four months doing nothing...

  lotvic 18:17 04 Nov 2011

I think it is wrong because he obstructed enquiries to establish his country of origin so that he could avoid deportation. He had used at least five aliases and claimed to be British, Italian, Moroccan, Algerian and stateless. Therefore to my mind he was only held in custody because he wouldn't state his country of origin.

He seems to have got compensation for misleading the enquiries.

  Aitchbee 19:07 04 Nov 2011

The Law is an ass - Can I say that?

  Snec 19:36 04 Nov 2011

Nothing amazes me anymore - in fact this sort of thing all seems standard now.

It's only taxpayers money being used up so what's the problem?

  badgery 22:31 04 Nov 2011

fourm member

In my heart I always knew that one day we would agree about something - play the music, roll the titles, stroll into the sunset!!

  Forum Editor 23:15 04 Nov 2011


I totally agree with you as well.

  badgery 07:45 05 Nov 2011

Aw, shucks, this is getting to be too much - I'll be getting emotional next!

  daz60 08:09 05 Nov 2011

So it does pay to be a criminal.No doubt he will be on the phone to relatives and friends saying paradise is england.

The idea that someone has been given carte blanche by the law to continue ignoring the laws of the land and indeed get paid pretty much 2 thirds of my annual working wage for doing so shows how belittled this country has become.

Now that a precedent has been set the industry now has a sure fire means of bypassing any regulations pertaining to their removal.

Do not reveal your identity or origin,all of those who are being remanded pending deportation proceedings must be kicking themselves.

  Forum Editor 08:48 05 Nov 2011


"So it does pay to be a criminal"

Please try to get your facts right before making sweeping statements. This man isn't being paid because he is a criminal, he's being paid compensation because we imprisoned him illegally.

As someone has already pointed out, we are a civilised country, and we broke one of our own laws. It doesn't matter who the victim of an illegal detention is - it's still illegal.

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