Is the "Amarillo Thing" (Army Version) on line?

  Bingalau 11:07 18 May 2005

I don't know if this is the correct place to ask but....Can anyone tell me if the army lads' version of "Is This The Way To Amarillo" is anywhere on line please?... Bingalau

  octal 11:24 18 May 2005

I don't know if its on line, but I thought it was great and so did the MOD because it crashed their intranet.

  Bingalau 11:31 18 May 2005

Yes I think that is true...It appears the younger people seem to appreciate it. My daughter wants a copy of it and that is why I am asking. It brings back memories to me of my time in the Royal Marines when we used to entertain ourselves with the same kind of DIY carry ons. So I quite like it too.

  Bingalau 12:16 18 May 2005

O.K. people I have managed to find a site with it on and if anyone else is interested it is on the newspaper site of the "Sun" I think the address is click here that's what I tried anyway and was successful in finding all the necessary details. So come on get downloading it and contribute to the welfare of the Army!!!

  medicine hat 13:55 18 May 2005

Does this work? click here

  lindyloo4 19:15 18 May 2005
  kandrews8098 20:29 18 May 2005
  PUNKA 21:10 18 May 2005

Go here, look in top 10 click on and enjoy.

  Bleep 21:50 18 May 2005

click here you have got to check out the Kosovo Song as well its great ..........

  josie mayhem 22:54 21 May 2005

Checked out the links, and then showed hubby who served in the RAF durning the seventies (at this point before everyone puts me down as a granma, he was medical discharged (diabeties)on my 15th birthday (before I knew him))

He found them really brillient!

I've many a time seen him photo album, and listened to his tales (and yes I know everything, or has his mate says 'I know everything thing' even the bits I rather that he kept to himself)

So the Amarillo thing isn't new (for exception of digital cameras and the internet) I think it's called commanderdhip (if thats how you spell it) and shear bordom when off duty....

  Pooke100 23:12 21 May 2005

Thought it was great :D

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