Am I the only one

  Al94 12:45 18 Jan 2012

who can't see any talent or humour in this man?

  wiz-king 12:47 18 Jan 2012

Talent - possibly, humour - none

  Aitchbee 12:47 18 Jan 2012 you are not!

  Woolwell 13:02 18 Jan 2012

I've never understood his appeal. I didn't like the Office.

  dagbladet 13:05 18 Jan 2012

I think he's hugely talented and usually funny. Of course humour is subjective and we don't all laugh at the same things. He's at the top of his tree now so is probably due a prolonged savaging from the critics.

  Covergirl 13:07 18 Jan 2012

That's three of you so far. Add my opinion to the ME list thanks

  lotvic 13:40 18 Jan 2012

I'm not keen either, facial expression puts me in mind of someone who's had an accident in the underwear dept, and is vainly trying to struggle on instead of sorting it out.

  interzone55 13:53 18 Jan 2012

Ricky Gervais has always struck me as far too smug with himself to be funny.

I couldn't bear to watch the Office as I used to work for a guy who was just like David Brent...

  Joseph Kerr 19:54 18 Jan 2012

"He's at the top of his tree now so is probably due a prolonged savaging from the critics..."

Yes, but maybe he deserves it. I have not seen anywhere near his whole performance at the Globes (which I did not know he had done three times, just twice) but the little I have seen was rubbish indeed. Slightly less funny than Madge in fact, which is really going some.

Does the Twitter row relate to Life's Too Short? My main objection to that was he took someone who probably can act and said to him "just be that version of me". I watched every episode and did laugh a time or two but it was easily his weakest project so far for me.

I've previously really rated him.

But maybe they all lose it in the end. Peter Kay has too, far as I can tell.

  morddwyd 20:06 18 Jan 2012

No, you're not.

  sidecar sid 22:13 18 Jan 2012

As has been said humor is a personal thing. I did not like the office but i thoroughly enjoyed extras. Life's to short in my opinion was brilliantly scripted as it made me laugh like a drain but feel guilty at the same time.

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