am i the only one?

  wolfie3000 12:18 13 Sep 2005

That uses a notepad and has hundreds of post it notes around my monitor just to help out when online?

  wee eddie 12:30 13 Sep 2005

I use the back of duff printouts.

Fold A4 in half and run a ruler down the fold. Et voilà - A5 and I don't even have to buy scissors.

  Skills 13:22 13 Sep 2005

i dont even do that my desktop ends up covered in txt files made in notepad with some reminder or useful piece of info on them.

  wolfie3000 13:29 13 Sep 2005

most of the post it notes around my monitor are pretty useless but i eep em just incase i.e. old passwords, settings etc......

  Jackcoms 13:42 13 Sep 2005

Try this instead click here=

  wolfie3000 13:52 13 Sep 2005

The program seems cool but i cant stand the noise lol my postit note pad on my desk doesnt whistle when i rip one off cool program though

  Skills 13:59 13 Sep 2005

Cheers Jackcoms that looks better

  wolfie3000 14:01 13 Sep 2005

still cant get rid of annoying sound???

  wiz-king 14:18 13 Sep 2005
  wolfie3000 14:52 13 Sep 2005

they seem the same to me

  patsyanne 17:17 13 Sep 2005

I am using Google desktop and if you have it to "sidebar" i have all my pictures coming on and it has a scratch pad where i leave my self notes .

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