Am I losing out?

  pj123 14:08 15 Oct 2005

Just had a quick look on eBay for ink cartridges.

Seems to be quite a few people selling "once used, empty HP cartridges" for up to £6!

I chuck all my empty cartridges in the Sainsbury's Ink Cartridge Recycling bin for nothing.

The maximum I can from Choice Stationery is about £2 but not in cashback. Only "off my next order"

  Monoux 16:00 15 Oct 2005

A possible explanation for HP empty cartidges to be worth a little money is that I believe with HP the cartridge also contains the print head whereas other makes e.g. Epson the print head is part of the printer itself. Just a thought :o)

  spuds 16:26 15 Oct 2005

A number of 'refillers' are having problems with obtaining supplies of good empty once used cartridges, and some types are almost impossible to get, so like most things, empty cartridges are gaining value.

I use Lexmark cartridges, and some compatible types are impossible to buy nowadays,even places like Choicestationary have stopped stocking them.

But considering eBay, anything or nearly anything as a value.

  gudgulf 16:57 15 Oct 2005

hink this just abouts says,or rather sings it all click here

  rdave13 17:27 15 Oct 2005

gudgulf..hillarious but with a little bit of truth :))

  De Marcus™ 18:22 15 Oct 2005

hilarious :-)))

  Dorsai 15:06 16 Oct 2005


So funny....

So true...


  pj123 15:18 16 Oct 2005

I will still post my empty ink cartridges in the Sainsbury's box.

By the way I still have 3 empty Biro's, a pencil sharpener without a blade, a stapler with no staples and quite a few coasters from duff CD/DVDs if anyone wants to buy them.

  spuds 16:43 16 Oct 2005

pj123--Try eBay, someone recently sold a slightly curved [boiling water treatment] biro pen for 90p+30p postage ;o).

  Chegs ® 16:55 16 Oct 2005

I have seen "Nothing" being sold on Ebay,it went for £20,even though T&C stated bidders got zip,nada,nowt,etc.

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