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Am I being hopelessly naive

  Forum Editor 18:01 29 Sep 2018

In continuing to do all my banking online, using my tap and pay cards to an increasing extent, going to Amazon first whenever I want something and hardly ever using cash?

Or am I simply living in the real world, secure in the knowledge that between them the banking institutions and the government will sort it all out?

I was a recent victim of card fraud - someone used my card details to buy goods from two different companies online. I spotted the first transaction when I checked my account one evening. Then, and hour later, there was the second transaction.

Worried that someone was going to systematically empty the account, I transferred the money online into two other accounts - at least I was safe until I could talk to my bank the next day. They reacted promptly and stopped the card. Then they reimbursed the account. A new card came pretty quickly, and things returned to normal.

A month later, I received a letter from my bank, asking me if I would peruse a copy of the transaction details provided by one of the sellers and give them my comments. There was a delivery address, there was my card number, and there was the purchaser's name....except it wasn't mine. The fraudster hadn't bothered to use my name when asked for the name on the card, but the payment had been authorised.

How can that happen? I asked that question when I responded, but so far I have heard nothing further.

It seems to me that we have a long way to go if payment processors don't even check that the 'Name on card' information is correct.

  wee eddie 20:46 30 Sep 2018

FE, if you were to change the word "cheat" to "mislead" then I think "bumpkin's" statement holds considerably more weight

  bumpkin 21:44 30 Sep 2018

wee eddie, it was me that said cheat not FE but much the same thing as mislead.

  Quickbeam 22:26 30 Sep 2018

Why does the price of a Scanjam vary so much? £15 -£36 seems a huge difference between sellers.

  Menzie 01:38 01 Oct 2018

I didn't go with that, I went with these.

They seem to work quite well from what I've tested.

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