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Am I alone in thinking

  Forum Editor 21:31 31 Jul 2014

that sometimes our firefighters act like a bunch of spoilt children?

  woodchip 15:57 03 Aug 2014

Skipped a lot on my way through, but what gets my goat is that contracts can be broken by anybody that as the weight and resources behind them to do it. ie Government's BB supplyers or you name it. And to hell with the little man!

  spuds 16:37 03 Aug 2014


Isn't it about time you grew up, or would that be asking to much?.

  spuds 16:45 03 Aug 2014


Thanks again for the response. I was also of the impression that the part time work was more of a spare time filler, possibly due to shift patterns, and what you say seems to perhaps confirm this.

  Forum Editor 22:36 03 Aug 2014


Employment contracts are changed all the time. This happens for many reasons, but as you rightly say, contract changes need the consent of both the employer and the employee, no matter which party wants to make the change.

An exception is when an employee wants a change because of a statutory right - if an employer was trying to make working on a Sunday compulsory, for instance.

  namtas 08:30 04 Aug 2014

Can I just add to the discussion and clear a point. Civil servants do not have the security or protection of an employment contracts.

  carver 18:17 06 Aug 2014

Kevscar have you actually spoken to any police officers about how they think about retiring at 60, I have and they are not very happy about it.

There used to be a time when they could spend the last few years before retirement at a nice desk job but those days are gone.

All the desk jobs are now done by civilians and the amount of sub stations are closing at an alarming rate so even that sort of easy job has gone.

They are in the same state as firefighters could be in, having to try to do a job that they are not fit for at an advanced age.

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