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Am I alone in thinking

  Forum Editor 21:31 31 Jul 2014

that sometimes our firefighters act like a bunch of spoilt children?

  Forum Editor 17:00 02 Aug 2014

"F.E I could do the job of a banker or politician even at my age and with my disabilities"

I didn't suggest otherwise. My point was that you do not have to be able to do a job in order to criticise the actions of those who do it. You can criticise the actions of politicians, and by the same token I can criticise the actions of firefighters.

  Forum Editor 17:10 02 Aug 2014

"Of course they do, but how does that work?"

Well, one way of making it work is to seek arbitration.

  spuds 18:42 02 Aug 2014

The points raised by Flak999 are very interesting, especially about dismissal after a number of years service.

When I left the police force under medical grounds, it didn't matter how old you were, or how long you had been in service. If you were deemed 'unfit' for work and could not continue in any capacity in the force, you (in my case) could leave under medical grounds, providing two doctor's or police surgeon's gave written approval, and though this procedure, those eligible received a pension.

I admit that things did 'tighten up' after I left, but to what extent, I don't know and didn't bother to find out. But by that time, quite a number of things changed, in the pretext of cost savings.

  namtas 20:34 02 Aug 2014

If you even more time read this

click here

  Aitchbee 21:02 02 Aug 2014

What is not entirely clear is what happens to a firefighter over 55 who is no longer physically capable of doing the job. Does he or she retire on ill-health grounds or is dismissed. The FBU need to concentrate on that.

Some companies offer good 'packages' to loyal time-served employees who are approaching the end of their careers and/or feel that their job might now be physically or mentally too demanding.

Have the disconsulate Firemen [say, over the age of 45] been offered anything similar?

PS. I willingly [because of health issues] accepted a 'package' when I was 42 (after 22 years service)

  Aitchbee 21:34 02 Aug 2014

Future recruitment of 'new-blood' into the fire-services will be hampered if there is not a successful resolution to this localised dispute. Scotland and N.Ireland have got it sorted, so why can't the rest of the UK.

  Forum Editor 22:33 02 Aug 2014


"the fireman's pension scheme is a statutory instrument guaranteed by law

I wasn't aware of that. Something that is guaranteed by law can only be changed by amending the law. I'll do more research.

  spuds 11:48 03 Aug 2014

I know this comment is going off subject, but I find it hard to understand how some firefighters need to have more than one job. Perhaps similar to early morning rise milkmen and postal workers?.

For instance I have heard and witnessed firefighter's taking on extra work as door-staff, aerial installer's, courier drivers, yet I have regarded that the wage paid to firefighters are not the lowest in the land?.

In the police force, you had to have approval for other jobs outside the force, does this apply to firefighters or even paramedics as an emergency service?.

  spuds 12:53 03 Aug 2014


The reason why I raised the question was based on having approval, and not necessary the right to know. I know of a number of incidents were people have been dismissed due to taking on second or third jobs, especially if its due to working for a competitor, or even within the local authority.

Yes there are millions of people with 'second jobs' or even more, including our MP's and even GP's. And sometimes in the lower levels of a wage structure, people are forced to take extra paying work, just to survive.

You ask why firemen should be any different, and I thought is was very obvious why I asked. You also state "I would have thought as a former police worker you might have understood that". I fully understand, perhaps far more than you seem to credit me for. but then that's you again trying to prove how smart and above average you actually are?.

  spuds 13:11 03 Aug 2014


Thank you for your response at 12.44PM. I was just wondering how fireperson's faired with the regulations on other job working.

I mentioned aerial installer, because I know of one company that have (or did have) two firemen doing part-time work as aerial installers. One such person came to my home to install a satelitte system, and he was stating that he had to take a second job because of the poor pay the fire service was providing. I mentioned earlier about a friend of mine who recently retired from the fire service, leaving having worked through the ranks to a senior position. Never once have I heard him complain about pay, in fact he and his housewife wife lived what appeared an above average lifestyle?.

It would seem by your comment that the rules are not all the same around the country regarding extra work outside the fire service. As I mentioned, in my own location, it was noted on one occasion that I can recall that firemen were taking on jobs of door-supervisors and similar jobs associated with that style of work. Whether that still applies or whether that type of second style of employment in my area is no longer permitted, I haven't found out. I may need to look into this further?.

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