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Am I alone in thinking

  Forum Editor 21:31 31 Jul 2014

that sometimes our firefighters act like a bunch of spoilt children?

  Pine Man 11:04 01 Aug 2014


No you are not alone.

Definitely NOT!!

  spuds 11:26 01 Aug 2014

I often find it very hard to accept some people telling me that legal contracts are there for a purpose, and the contents must be accepted, which I fully agree with.

What I find very hard to accept, is being told that that legal contracts should have a clause, suggesting that they can be voided, if the occasion arises, by those who provided the contracts in the first place?.

When we hear about pension rights, I often wonder if people fully understand what these rights are, because I surely don't. And perhaps more so, if someone subscribes to a company pension, then finds that the pension fund was being used for something else. Some people have had to return to work, because their pension doesn't even support them, and that is something that they may not thought, when contributing to their 'nest egg'?.

Regarding this particular event, I have a friend who left school, then decided he wanted to be a chef. It just didn't work out for him, and seeing an advert, he joined the local fire service. Worked his way through the ranks, and eventually ended up with an high level desk job. He retired last year, having served his full term, and he and his wife are now enjoying life to the full, doing things that they expected to do in later life. And why should he and others in a similar position, not expect the past seeds to now bear fruit, because someone as now decided past and perhaps future contracts are no longer feasible?.

  Forum Editor 11:36 02 Aug 2014

Fe, act like a bunch of spoilt children? , try the job before criticising it. Day after day after day.

I see there's the usual spate of emotional outbursts about what heroes fire-fighters are, and how you can't criticise someone unless you've done the job yourself.

All of which is absolute nonsense. On a daily basis I see forum members criticising politicians and bankers, yet none of those people have done those jobs themselves. It seems that there is a double standard operating here -firefighters are sacrosanct, but other occupations are not.

I said that firefighters sometimes act like a bunch of spoilt children because it's a fact. They have a history of militancy and aggressive picketing, and each strike takes place to a backdrop of firefighters sitting around braziers outside fire stations, grinning and waving as inane motorists go by, hooting.

Fire-fighting is a job, and the people who do it choose to do it. Of course it is a potentially dangerous job, but so are lots of others. There can be no valid argument for people doing dangerous jobs to have carte blanche to act in such a cavalier fashion when it comes to depriving their fellow citizens of emergency service cover. It should be illegal for any emergency service to take strike action.

The FBU has been successful in obtaining an exemption from proposals to increase the minimum age at which a person can access their pension from 55 to 57. That should have marked an end to it, but there will always be something that gives the union an excuse to propose strike action and trade on the 'dangerous job' factor to hold the government and the rest of us to ransom.

  Forum Editor 13:33 02 Aug 2014

MechKB 2

"Why does the FE thing a thread from him should be considered important enough to be a 'Sticky?'"

He doesn't, and this isn't. In your eagerness to take one of your cracks at me you didn't stop to get your facts right, did you?

  Forum Editor 14:21 02 Aug 2014


Errmm - I imagine he doesn't need you to spring to his defence, and in any case I was simply responding to a comment made about me - is that OK with you?

  Forum Editor 14:28 02 Aug 2014


I suggest you leave this alone. You're not involved.

  spuds 15:28 02 Aug 2014

"On a daily basis I see forum members criticising politicians and bankers, yet none of those people have done those jobs themselves. It seems that there is a double standard operating here" -

Its totally irrelevant whether someone's done the job themselves. People generally give or express an opinion on possible facts laid before them by the media or from elsewhere.

  Forum Editor 15:31 02 Aug 2014


Exactly, which is why I said what I did.

  Forum Editor 15:47 02 Aug 2014


As is so often the case, you're way wide of the mark with your response to my post. I invite you to tell me where I have said a single word of criticism about the core issue of dispute between the firefighters and their employers. You won't be able to, because I haven't.

I completely agree with the principle that a contract is a contract, and I completely agree with the right of an employee or his representative to enter into a dispute if he or she thinks that the employer is in breach. I might add at this juncture that contracts of employment are not - as you seem to think - irredeemably binding on both parties. Contractual variations are common, whether they are imposed by the employer, negotiated between employer and employee or as part of a promotion or change in pay or bonus structure. The contract of employment is an ever-changing and evolving framework.

Firefighters have a right to dispute with the government - let's be quite clear that I totally agree with that principle.

What I do not agree with however, is the attitude that the firefighters' union appears to adopt - that of saying 'If we don't get our way we will ballot our members, and if they agree we will call a strike' because that smacks of holding a gun at the head of everyone who expects our emergency services to do their job and respond when called. That is the contract that the Fire service makes with all of us - we employ them to fight fires.

I have absolutely no doubt that the vast majority of the population would support a fire service which argued its case whilst accepting that nobody has an absolute right to be treated as a special case - the special case treatment must come as a response to a responsible fire service - one that tries a little harder to show us that it understands how much we respect and need it, rather than blackmailing us.

  carver 15:53 02 Aug 2014

F.E I could do the job of a banker or politician even at my age and with my disabilities, with the correct training any or most non physical jobs are doable at any age then again we have one example of a 72 year old still lifting boxes with paper in them.

I was in the industrial roofing trade and I can assure you that it's heavy work 7 days a week and most people I know by the time they are approaching 55-60 can not do the work any more.

You may look fit but inside the wear on joints takes it toll.

Woolwell "If you read wiki then you will find that she has done a hard days work." doing what, looking after cats.

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