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Am I alone in thinking

  Forum Editor 21:31 31 Jul 2014

that sometimes our firefighters act like a bunch of spoilt children?

  Aitchbee 22:10 31 Jul 2014

Scottish and Northern Irish firefighters are not on strike because the exact same issues appear to have been resolved by negociations at top level. England and Wales firefighters have a good case, IMHO.

  woodchip 22:11 31 Jul 2014

I think anybody that claims the above, should have a sample of what they have to do for the pay packet

  spuds 00:12 01 Aug 2014

Strikes never prove anything, except to lose people further pay and perhaps conditions.

The Fire Service, Police and perhaps some other organisations have over many years achieved quite a lot, while other industries have lost a lot, especially if their jobs have been transferred overseas.

We have people on this forum who have taken early retirement, and are now saying that the job they had, as provided a good pension for them to do so.

I spent most of my working life in private industry, and the remainder working for the police force, where I left under medical grounds. The pension I receive from the police force is far greater and better, than I receive from the 'normal' government pension, which in my opinion , gives me a far better lifestyle. Had I continued working in private industry, my pension rights would have been far lower, and my present lifestyle would not have been more relaxed.

  spuds 00:27 01 Aug 2014

Perhaps I should have added, that the Forum Editor seems to consider that those involved are acting "like a bunch of spoilt children?".

Surely anyone involved is entitled to their or their comrades views and opinions, and the events are perhaps very deep rooted.

Do we regard the banker's as being "like spoilt children" or our politicians being 'like spoilt children', when they were insisting that we the public came to their defense, because they wanted and demanded more. And this is one of the biggest problems in life, when one side appears to be wrong, yet the other side is right, because of their suppose position in life?.

  spuds 00:32 01 Aug 2014

"No one in their right sense of mind would have a sixty year old firefighter."

But the fact is that there are people out there, working longer, because they have to or need to. Then there is the voluntary section, where people have left paid jobs and continued in unpaid work?.

  Joseph Kerr 08:13 01 Aug 2014

You've excelled yourself, FE.

  namtas 08:31 01 Aug 2014

FE please tell me which part of their action makes you fee that they are acting like spoilt children?

  namtas 08:32 01 Aug 2014

fee re feel

  xania 09:14 01 Aug 2014

At 72, I am still working part time, including both mental and physical activity (lifting heavy boxes of files. Whilst I have to pace myself to ensure I don't overdo it, I thoroughly enjoy what I do and would not want to fully retire for some time. Not everyone wants to retire, but changing the work load and pattern as one gets older seems a sensible compromise. Firefighters do more than just put out fires - they are also involved in a lot of training, testing, advising etc. The older firefighters will have the experience to do these less physically intensive activities, also freeing up their younger colleagues to do the harder work. It seems to me that by changing role structures in this way, we will be getting the best out of both younger and older firefighters at a time when we need to maximum return from our limited resources.

  carver 09:31 01 Aug 2014

Firemen do a job I would not want to do, they risk their lives so people like us can hopefully live a lot longer.

If I have a fire in my house I want some one who can physically do the job not some geriatric using a zimmer frame with built in pouches for holding his asthma inhaler.

If I'm involved in a car crash I want someone who is fit so he can at least hold the equipment to get me out without to rest for 5 minutes to get his breath back.

I do have a friend who has spent the last 30 years working for the fire brigade in Sheffield and he retires in 18 months time at 55 and he should just about make it, under these new proposal's he wouldn't make retirement age and would have to leave before full pension was achieved.

He has problems with his hands and now has started to develop breathing problems and he still remembers the body of a child he brought out of a house he couldn't save.

The politicians who are making these changes haven't done a hard days work in their lives, leaving out brain work to fiddle expenses they don't do a great deal apart from shuffle paper about.

I would love to see some one like Cameron or come to that any body who says they are being childish to have the balls to spend a month fighting fires then say they are spoilt.

The other day some idiot of a politician (can't remember who) said that as they near retirement they could get a desk job, well they can't as most of the desk jobs are now going to civilians and in 10-15 year nearly every desk job will be filled by civilians.

But I suppose we have to save money so our beloved Politicians can have their pay rise plus their gold plated pension while the rest of the population tighten their belts. (excluding bankers)

Any way FE if you ever need the fire brigade just remember to tell them as they turn up to your burning house just what a lot of spoilt children they are or maybe tell the family members of these fire fighters they are all spoilt children.

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