Am I alone in thinking

  Forum Editor 16:36 30 Sep 2008

that an 18 month ban for doing a wheelie at 82mph in a 30mph zone is a ludicrously light sentence for such an irresponsible and potentially dangerous offence?

  tullie 16:39 30 Sep 2008

No FE you are not,even though i dont know if you are refering to a specific incident?(wonder if fe forgot the link?)

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:39 30 Sep 2008

No, you are not.

  version8 16:39 30 Sep 2008

With over crowding in prisons it's unlikely to be a custodial sentence.
Very dangerous & stupid and the rider will have to take an extended re-take if they want their licence back after the ban

FE: any links to the report at all?

  wiz-king 16:41 30 Sep 2008

The law does not treat most motoring offences with the severity that it should do, that's why many people ignore them. Same with driving and talking on the phone or texting.

  Marko797 16:45 30 Sep 2008

36,500 prisoners have been released early (over a period of time) to reduce prison overcrowding, I would tend to agree with V8.

  bremner 16:47 30 Sep 2008

Link click here

  BT 16:50 30 Sep 2008

I must agree with you.
I live near a school and there is a 20mph limit on all the surrounding roads. A few weeks back I saw a bike with a driver and pillion passenger go across the end of my road doing a wheelie. Having ridden bikes for many years I reckon he must have been doing at least 40-45mph to be able to hold a wheelie with 2 up. Unfortunately I was not in a position to be able to see his registration number.

  Forum Editor 16:51 30 Sep 2008

and my thanks to bremner for supplying the link.

My phone rang as I was typing the thread, and - as my wife has always known - I wasn't able to multi-task.

  Marko797 16:55 30 Sep 2008

"This case should send out a clear message that such reckless riding will not be tolerated." ...when the article also states that after the 18 month ban that his 39 points will be cleared from his licence.

Isn't it normally 12 points followed by a years ban??

If so, then he has accumulated over 3 years worth of points, and the same periods worth of disqualification, but gets it cleared after only 18 months?

How clear a message is this?

  Forum Editor 16:56 30 Sep 2008

quite often in and around London - a favourite place seems to be the Hatfield tunnel on the AI at night. Many of these riders are probably quite competent, and they probably think they're safe enough. The problem is that with the front wheel off the ground they have no steering, and all it takes is a split second......

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