Altruism, your thoughts on this.

  wolfie3000 07:08 24 Mar 2010

I was discussing Altruism with some friends today and discussing at what point would you not help a complete stranger,

Would you give a stranger 20p for a cup of coffee, would you give up your freedom for a stranger, your health or your life?

I would be interested in your thoughts and at what point you would refuse to help.

  morddwyd 07:45 24 Mar 2010

Depends on the circumstances.

Normally I wouldn't give a stranger much more than directions, but if it was, for instance, and elderly person who had fallen I'd bring them in and give them a cup of tea.

  Kevscar1 08:27 24 Mar 2010

As depends on the circumstances and the preson. Doubt if there is anyone one these forums who would hesitiate to put their health or life on the line if it was to save a child.

  Brumas 09:19 24 Mar 2010

I hold the same view as fourm member.

  lotvic 01:03 25 Mar 2010

In our town there is a well known 'can you spare 20p for a cup of tea' etc.
He collects it on the way to and from the pub.

Thing is he is quite smartly dressed and even wears a nice leather Jacket - not scruffy looking at all.

It's the holiday makers that don't know of him that get conned.

  BT 08:13 25 Mar 2010

Where can I get a cup of Coffee for 20p?

  jack 08:19 25 Mar 2010

Not withstanding the 20p for a cuppa ploy
One having taken pity- reaches for purse/wallet only to find you are on your back and purse/wallet AWOL

  sunnystaines 08:37 25 Mar 2010

we get a lot of baskers in our town centre. while out shopping one day saw one, did not take much notice untill a few hours later saw the same man with his gear on a trolly loading up into a mercedes parked opposite our home [close to town centre] the mercedes was only about 3 years old.

another time saw a busker who whistles tunes next day we were in bournmouth over 100 miles away saw him there too must be a full time job [tax free]

dont give to tramps as it all goes on cider. but would help a genuine person and have done many times.

In the 70's gave a lift in middle of night to a stranded stranger, turned out to be dave allen and at a later date got invited to his show.

  michaelw 08:54 25 Mar 2010

I just heard on breakfast tv from Vanessa Feltz advertising her program, 'Someone told me the other day they were coming out of mcdonalds eating a burger and a homeless man came up and said he hadn't eaten for two days.' He replied, 'I admire your restraint.'

It made me laugh.

  ella33 11:21 25 Mar 2010

Just a few thoughts: I have helped at soup kitchens, bought the Big Issue, generally helped in organised situations . On occasions I have bought a cup of tea but would not give money. The reason is obvious. But even with altruistic views, you might not actually have the money to spare. People should not need to beg for basics, it is a good idea to know the organisations, such as Centrepoint and point the people in the right direction.

As for buskers, as far as I am aware, many of them are talented musicians who have a licence to perform on their 'patch'? It may not always be the case but if I liked the music I might put in a little loose change. Wheen you see how much they get, you need not be concerned, some people drop large amounts. I think it was Britain's Got Talent, or a similar programme, who put their top scoring contestents in the Underground, busking, a couple years ago. Most people ignored them but a few recognised them quite quickly.

  peter99co 11:27 25 Mar 2010

Buskers are not Beggers They entertain because they can and collect a reward if you like what they do. Some are very good. Full time job? I doubt it but tax free!

They have to be good to survive I think.

I did pull a woman out of the sea once. Many years ago. She wrote me a letter some time later to thank me and I lost it. I often wonder how she is.

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