Altruism on a Grand Scale

  morddwyd 09:53 24 Nov 2015

"Rather than wait until Boxing Day we're encouraging shoppers to grab a genuine bargain with some flash discounts on Friday, and make Christmas that little bit more affordable as a result." - Local shopping centre manager on Black Friday.

Or "Rather than wait until Boxing Day we're encouraging shoppers to increase our shareholders' dividends by grabbing as much of the Christmas cash as we can before it runs out."

  Forum Editor 10:02 24 Nov 2015

I'm not sure what your point is. Surely everyone understands that shops are there to sell goods at a profit? Marketing talk has always been with us, and if I was a retailer I would be doing exactly the same kind of thing.

  morddwyd 10:24 24 Nov 2015

I don't mind them doing it. That's their job.

I object to them dressing it up as a favour to customers.

  spuds 10:36 24 Nov 2015

I notice some of the big names have opt-out of the so called Black Friday discount sales. So perhaps some thought as gone into that decision!.

Personally I see no fun in fighting for a 'must have' bargain, and I certainly would not queue in the cold, in the early hours, hoping that I am first for that bargain. Especially when we see constant sale offers, by all the major and some not so major marketing outlets!.

  Belatucadrus 11:25 24 Nov 2015

Apparently Black Friday didn't work for some shops, the raised Friday sales balanced out in the rest of the Xmas period so no net gain and they had to employ extra security to stop some shoppers fighting in the isles. Having incurred extra costs for no real benefit they've decided not to repeat the experience.

  oresome 15:10 24 Nov 2015

so no net gain

I wonder if this is the case with extended opening hours and Sunday trading etc?

There is a finite amount of disposable income available and it's simply spread over a longer period.

Of course retailers are forced down this route for fear of their competitors gaining an advantage, but the overall outcome may be increased operating costs for the same level of business.

  Quickbeam 15:41 24 Nov 2015

Santa is the only one that does Altruism on a Grand Scale at this time of the year:-)

  wee eddie 18:36 24 Nov 2015

Also Bill & Melinda Gates who, to my mind, are not getting the credit that they deserve

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