Alternative Vote?

  OTT_B 17:36 03 Feb 2010

GB has announced (finally) that he wants to change the way that the General Election voting system works. Instead of the "First Past the Post" system that is used now, he wants to change it to an Alternative Vote system.

Is this a case of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'? Or are there any real world benefits to a different voting system?

The linked article perhaps isn't the best demonstration of the voting systems, but you get the point!

click here

  bremner 17:44 03 Feb 2010

It is broken in many peoples opinion.

We have a government with a majority of 60+ that were voted for by only 36% of those who voted which equates to only 22% of the electorate.

In terms of seats labours 36% gave them 55% of the seats whislt the Lib Dems received 23% of the vote but only got 10% of the seats.

Hardly the most representative system.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:56 03 Feb 2010

If you ever need an example of the Government treating the voting public like simple half-wits, then here it is. There is no chance of the Bill getting a full reading and even less of support. Coincidentally there is an election looming. Brown is trying to be one man to all and the transparency of his clutching at straws is breathtaking in extremis.
Brown really is the class sneak and anyone voting for him and his tawdry mates needs their heads examining.


  egapup 19:04 03 Feb 2010

He wants the Liberals on his side if there's a hung parliament after the election.

  OTT_B 19:33 03 Feb 2010

Any reforms that go through will be well after the general election. I do think though, that this does stink a little bit of sour grapes.

GB sees the writing on the wall and wants to make it known now that if the Tory party wins, it's only because the voting system allowed it.

  MAJ 21:50 03 Feb 2010

There wont be a hung parliament, that's just something the political pundits love to speculate on, after all it's great fun to see Peter Snow playing with his graphics come election night. The Lib Dems do have some good ideas but they're a joke and couldn't form a government in the real world. It shows how scared GB and his advisors are at the moment, hoping that if it is a HP he can say to the Lib Dems 'Look what I have in the pipeline, form a government with us'. After TB's performance at the Chilcot enquiry, Labour could do worse than get him back, probably couldn't afford him though. Looks like it's Cameron then. Oh Dear, and you think we're in a bad way over here in NI.

  Snec 02:12 06 Feb 2010

There wont be a hung parliament - what makes you so sure?

  Kevscar1 08:11 06 Feb 2010

I'd vote for a hung parliment unfortunalty some people object to the Death Penalty

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