An Alternative Home Page?

  Input Overload 16:11 20 Dec 2011

I wasn't too happy about the recent BBC site changes, however how about having this as your home page & maybe if you live in North Korea your ONLY page. It makes you thankful for living in freedom.

  Aitchbee 18:47 20 Dec 2011

There are some very poor people in America and Europe also.

But the power of the Internet cannot help the enslaved brainwashed North Koreans.

  Input Overload 19:15 20 Dec 2011

It's a riveting read, maybe one day the curtain will fall, it looked very unlikely when the Berlin Wall came down & the demise of the Soviet Union. So who knows...

  Forum Editor 19:33 20 Dec 2011

"So who knows..."

The chances of North Korean people being freed from the tyrannical rule that has retarded their country's economic development for decades are not very good.

An entire nation has - quite literally - been brainwashed into believing that Kim Jong Il and his father before him have been responsible for building the perfect society. It's the cult of personality, and then some.

Now it looks very much as if the third generation of the same family is about to embark on a lifetime of deception and domination. It's hardly credible that in the 21st century it's possible for a single individual to rule an entire nation in this fashion.

  Aitchbee 19:35 20 Dec 2011

The south Koreans enjoy a much higher standard of living than the northerners, so an amalgamation of the two Koreas is doubtful.China may hold the key to change.

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