Is this also a problem in parts of UK

  Noldi 18:32 10 Jun 2010

I had a problem this week that made me think does this happen in the UK.

Living in Europe, I picked up my new car and before it had done 1,000 miles it started saying the coolant needed topping up, this ended up being more than 2 litres of water over a weekend and obvious signs of fluid leakage spray around the engine. Took the car back to dealer and they repaired it but told me that a Marder (type of pine martin) had chewed through one of he heating hoses. Luckily covered by my ins because this is a regular problem, they seem to like chewing rubber especially brake hoses and drive shaft gaiters.
Do people in outlying areas of the UK have this problem with Martins?


  sunnystaines 18:55 10 Jun 2010

i think you would have to go to the scottish pine forrests to find pine martins in GB.

But squrriels and mice can do similar damage to cars.

  Belatucadrus 19:25 10 Jun 2010

We've had mouse damage to the screenwash bottlecap.

  al's left peg 19:49 10 Jun 2010

I know a guy who bought a brand new XR3i a few years back and it broke down as he drove away from the showroom. The problem was caused by rats chewing through the wiring loom :(

  spuds 21:15 10 Jun 2010

Not so much pine martins, more like a grouse or other feathered fiend do mischief. A bird hitting your vehicle at 50/70 can be rather expensive.

Talking about local wildlife. I recall the days when it was a daily routine to check your vehicle for unwanted strangers, after the vehicle had been left for a time in some countries. Snakes wrapped around warm engines springs to mind as one example!.

  Noldi 06:19 11 Jun 2010

Only in Scotland im suprised. Not in parts of Dolby forest in Yorkshire or Wales etc.


  morddwyd 07:50 11 Jun 2010

The rats round here tend to break a side window and steal the sat nav/stereo.

"Snakes wrapped around warm engines springs to mind as one example!."

And tapping your shoes on the ground before putting them on to get rid of the scorpions!

  peter99co 11:31 11 Jun 2010

At Clumber Park in North Nottinghamshire the squirrels like to chew the Propane Gas pipes of visiting Caravans if a gas bottle is used outside the caravan.

  ronalddonald 11:36 11 Jun 2010

Some years back i use to won a fiat regatta turbo diesel, new about 8 months later the cable in the handbrake snapped.

Took it back i head to wait eight weeks because the type of cable want they used wasnt available here in the UK only in Italy

  anchor 11:47 11 Jun 2010

ronalddonald: 8 weeks to send a cable from Italy to the UK is a disgrace. A small item like that could have been sent by DHL and been here in 48hrs.

It appears they waited for their normal van delivery. So much for Fiat service!.

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