All! yeah I'm on the bus/train...............

  jack 12:40 20 Feb 2010

How annoying these inane conversations are - especially if the caller is sat immediately behind one.
However one such gave me a quizzical thought.
It went like this

Female caller

'Allo I'm on the bus---- that's right on the 480 going into town to Tesco- ------Ok see you there

Whats odd?
Well she was not on a 480 bus and in this neck of the woods were are remarkably Tesco free the nearest being 8 miles away in the next town...
I wonder if they ever did meet up?

  dagbladet 13:10 20 Feb 2010

I think I'm in the minority in that I don't get all harumphy about people on the train/bus on their mobiles. According to the Lord Huffingtons, apparently if 2 people are sitting together nattering, that's fine, but if one person is chatting to someone on the phone, it's a damnable outrage.

Jack. Sometimes people get on the wrong bus, and perhaps would rather go to Tesco in Sidcup, than the tiny Sainsbury in Dartford ;-)

  jack 13:34 20 Feb 2010

You know the area then!
The 480 is Dartford to Gravesend - and yes there is a smallish Tesco there.
This caller was actually on FastTrack route B
And yes it too gets to Gravesend ---Eventually
via DVH/Bluewater/Ebbsfleet Intl etc.

  canarieslover 13:45 20 Feb 2010

About fifteen years ago I worked with a chap who had his mobile stuck to his ear vitually all the time. Then one day, as he was talking into it, it rang. He left the job soon afterwards as he couldn't stand the leg pulling.

  jakimo 13:57 20 Feb 2010

"but if one person is chatting to someone on the phone, it's a damnable outrage"

it is when for some reason the caller believes that the only way the person receiving the call will only hear them if they shout as loud as they can,in the case of a local call the receiver would probable hear the caller without them using their mobile at all, such people have no consideration for others whatsoever

  Legolas 14:06 20 Feb 2010

When pretending to take important calls always remember to switch your phone to silent ;)))

  canarieslover 14:50 20 Feb 2010

Won't happen to me as my phone only gets switched on when I need to make a call or I know that someone, usually my wife, is going to ring me. I certainly don't feel the need to be available to everybody, all the time. Or maybe I'm just a miserable git who prefers their own company!!

  Chris the Ancient 15:20 20 Feb 2010

I'm with you on that.

The beauty of a mobile is that it CAN be switched off.

I have a 'work' phone and that gets switched off if I'm not working. It's great, I don't get annoyed by calls in my free time.

  jack 15:55 20 Feb 2010

Me too I switch mine on occasionally and make a call
..... to my home phone - simply to ensure my number is still active.
It is for me, an instrument of dire need only.

  Hercule Marple 15:57 20 Feb 2010

Get a car.

  OTT_B 16:22 20 Feb 2010

My only problem with people on the phone in otherwise fairly sedate places (e.g. on the train) is that they seem to speak a whole lot louder than they would if they were talking to someone sat opposite them. That can get very frustrating.

The few who seem to know where the volume control on the phone is and therefore don't feel the need to shout, cause me no feelings of ill-will.

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