All those years having fillings

  carver 18:00 17 Jun 2014

All those years having fillings and sitting in the dentist chair putting up with the old fashioned drill that felt as though he was taking your head off, then the high speed drill that at times sounded like it was taking off.

Then the fillings that fell out just as you where having that meal in the restaurant, well maybe not any more fillings and here less fillings.

I do believe I was born about 40 years too early, not really complaining but wouldn't it have been nice not to have a mouthful of Amalgam fillings.

My daughter and son have not got one filling between them and apart from my son having to have 2 teeth removed for straightening that's it.

  caccy 20:58 17 Jun 2014

The foot operated treadle drill that used to get jammed because the "old lady" who operated it could not put enough pressure on it and had to wriggle it about to free it put me off for life! Any thing is better than that. (Still don't go to the dentist though 25+ years now).

  Aitchbee 21:26 17 Jun 2014

Lookin' at the bigger picture {open wide, please}, it would be much better, by far, to tackle and stop the candy-coated-trends of poor nutrition [ie. the over-abundance of sugary drinks and sweets that are shoved into our 'north and souths'] that bedevil the Western World, [and beyond], which slowly-but-surely, rot away the protective enamel coating of everyone's pearly-whites.

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