Alexandra Burke

  PC Advisor Fan 22:47 13 Dec 2008

is the xfactor winner 2008

  Chas49 22:51 13 Dec 2008

Without a shadow of a doubt, this was the finest show I have seen in years. She is a worthy winner.

  p;3 22:54 13 Dec 2008

Sorry but disagree; should have been Ruth in the Final and the Winner; however, I thought JLS gave a good performance ; I guess they did not think to have all the millions of phone call monies partly donated to Children In Need?

  hssutton 23:17 13 Dec 2008

Agree with Chas, Alex was superb. Her version of Silent Night was IMO one of the best ever.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:23 13 Dec 2008

I feel that the JLS cause was not helped by the most miserable looking singer that I have ever seen. He had a face like a wet weekend in Cleckhuddersfax plus his voice was not terribly strong.


  mammak 23:59 13 Dec 2008

Alexandra deserved to win tonight, her versions of Silent Night and Hallelujah were superb.

  dagnammit 00:18 14 Dec 2008


  Eargasm 00:24 14 Dec 2008

Alexandra may of been the best on the show tonight, but i have to disagree with hshutton's view on "silent night".
I thought it was fairly average.

In fairness to her, i was comparing her to the Empress Glady's Knight, her version from 1975 is still the best for me!

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  DieSse 00:44 14 Dec 2008

Calling the jobless losers is very unfair. Read a little about them and you'll see that.

I agree that Alexandra should have won though.

  LastChip 00:47 14 Dec 2008

I've got to say, I haven't been following it, but I did see the end and thought she was superb.

If she gets some good people around her and stays on the "straight and narrow", I predict she has a very bright future.

  MAJ 01:16 14 Dec 2008

It was plain to be seen from a very early stage that she was in a different league to the other contestants, the result was, much like Pavvi's in BGT, a foregone conclusion in my opinion.

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