Alex Salmond to stand for UK Parliament?

  Forum Editor 09:00 07 Dec 2014

Almost certainly, by the sound of it.

So, how is this going to play out?

  carver 09:48 09 Dec 2014

I just want to emigrate

  spuds 10:08 09 Dec 2014

Jock1e - Nearly four years ago, I had forgotten about that, but it would seem it still applies.

I still seem to recall that travelling around at that time, and spending many days and months living in some areas, the drink laws that applied at that time, could usually have a silver lining, if you had the right contacts, anywhere in the UK and elsewhere.

The 'guest/traveller' and hotels ruling had different meanings in some parts, depending on how many rooms or beds the premises had. Leo Starkey had some involvement with that, I believe, on how a 'pub' or similar establishment could become an hotel under drink laws at that time I refer!.

  morddwyd 19:41 09 Dec 2014

"Sunday night heaven for all the 'bona fide' students, (most with legitimate 'home addresses' hundreds of miles away - who, thus, were obvious travellers!!!)."

Much the same applied to the Church Inn in Stoneykirk, and my RAF colleagues at West Freugh!

  john bunyan 10:08 11 Dec 2014

Maybe Milliband is Clegg with a hair dye?


  john bunyan 10:10 11 Dec 2014

Or, is Ed Balls the bread monster?

Bread monster

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